A postcard from the 2017 Iowa State Fair Photo Competition

iowa2014 IMG_20160718_0001

What you see here are two postcards from my previous Iowa State Fair submissions.  Five entries sent in 2014 … four entries sent in 2016.  All nine entries were rejected like Chuck Miller on date night.

And yet, I’m trying one more time.  Such is the masochist in me.

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Going all in for Iowa 2017

And Competition Season 2017 begins … today.  I’m boxing up my four entries for the Iowa State Fair’s photography competition, and they should be on their way to Des Moines by this afternoon.

This will be my third attempt to enter photographs in the Iowa State Fair’s Photography Competition.  It’s the largest fair photo show in America, and to get on the walls of this Fair is an awesome achievement in and of itself.

Unfortunately for me, it’s been an achievement that has cruelly eluded me.  Five rejections in 2014.  Four rejections in 2016.  So there’s that.

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