My secret entries into the New York State Fair, 2017 Edition

Yesterday, I posted my six photographic entries to the New York State Fair.  Today, I’m sharing the entries that I’m submitting for OTHER Fair competitions.

Let me explain.

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One final trip to Honeywell Farms

Damn it.  The more I looked at my Honeywell Farms artpiece – the reconstruction and salvage of an old milk crate into wall art – the more I grew disenchanted with the piece.

I mean, yeah, I was able to remove the fugly battleship grey paint smears while retaining the original logotype of the New York City-based dairy farm … but still …

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An update on the Honeywell Farms project

Last week, I started a project involving a dairy and produce crate from Honeywell Farms, a New York City-based agricultural produce center.

I disassembled the original crate, removed as much of the old battleship grey paint as possible, and cleaned the front with soapy water.

Now for the next steps.

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The Honeywell Farms Project: Paint minus paint equals …

I wanted to create another painted crate artwork, similar to my Norman’s Kill Dairy piece.  And after searching through eBay, I found a farm crate from Honeywell Farms in Jamaica, N.Y.

No problem… all I had to do was purchase the crate, have it shipped to me, knock the boards apart, wire it up, hang it on the wall, and all is good.

Yeah.  Right.

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