Postcards from Syracuse … NINE OF THEM

It’s Saturday afternoon and I just came back from a little trip.

Oh, looks like the mailman has arrived.

Time to reach in the mailbox and …

I can feel them.

Little cardstocks with postage.  My fingers flip through.  Six … seven … eight … nine of them.

The postcards from Syracuse have arrived.  Six cards from the New York State Fair Photography compeittion, and three from the New York State Fair Fine Arts competition.

Nine cards.  And on the backs of these nine cards are checkmarks that denote if the artwork for each card has been accepted or rejected.  Accepted artworks stay on display at the Harriet May Mills Art Center in Syracuse for the duration of the New York State Fair; rejected artworks must be picked up Monday, as I travel to Syracuse to claim the rejects in the wryly-branded “Drive of Shame.”

What, you think I would call this Monday trip anything else?

Silly you.

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7 and 7 on Saturday: August 12, 2017

It’s morning in America, rise and shine, grab your coffee and breakfast and enjoy these great blog posts by my friends and colleagues.  Seven posts from my former haunt at the Times Union, and seven posts from my blogroll.  Guaranteed to make your day a little bit brighter.

Let’s start with the TU community  blog posts, shall we?

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Dream Window 21: Head, Heart, Health and Hands

I apologize for keeping this Dream Window from you for so long.  I’m really, really sorry.  I actually built this thing about twelve months ago, but I wanted to save showing it off in the blog until today.

And when you read this post, you will understand why I employed an information embargo on this Dream Window construct.

In August 2016, when I visited the Altamont Fair, I toured the various barns and buildings, looking for ideas for future creative exploits.  And in the Arts and Crafts building, I found a competition that truly intrigued me.

It was a competition called “Recycle Your Ribbons.”  The idea was to take your prize-winning silks and turn them into a new artwork – whether it was a purse or a pillow or a hand-crafted rosette.

And I’m thinking to myself … oh hell to the no, I’m not ruining my competition ribbons.  Every one of my award-winning silks is special to me.  I earned those stripes.

Yet I was still captivated by the whole concept of “Recycle Your Ribbons.”

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Agro’s Cartoon Connection – a children’s show that’s not for children?

Every so often, I find a vintage television show on YouTube that catches my interest.  And for various reasons, I want to find out more about it.

Such is the case with an Australian program called Agro’s Cartoon Connection.

If you tuned on your Oz TV in the mid-1990’s, you might have seen a puppet show with a wombat and a human co-host, with an intro that sounds like it was cribbed from an old Saved By The Bell episode.

This was Agro’s Cartoon Connection.  It had live-action clips interspersed with various cartoons.

Seems normal, right?

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Chuck Miller Creatives is now on Etsy!

The Walkway. 16×20 foam-boarded, shot with Rolleiflex Automat MX camera, efke 25 film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Last week, I offered up a question to you, my many blog readers.  If I were to put my photos and other artworks up for purchase through my own personal site or through an online store, would you purchase them?

The overwhelming response was “Yes.”

Okay, you responded, so I’m building a store.

And the newest Etsy shop on line is called …

Chuck Miller Creatives.

Okay, I’ll work on the name…

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There’s something very interesting about these how-to videos…

When I started working on my crate art project, I initially had no idea what to do or how to do it.  Sanding, stains, nails, screws, all that stuff, you may as well have tried to explain the infield fly rule to me.

So I did what any self-respecting DIY person would do.  I gorged on YouTube videos to explain all the tricks and techinques – in simple, easy-to-comprehend language and step-by-step steps – to the point where I felt more comfortable in completing my projects.

And the more YouTube videos I watched, the more things made sense.

For example, here’s a short clip on how to properly stain wood.

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What’s better … “partly cloudy” or “mostly sunny”?

With only two weeks left before my planned trip to photograph the 2017 Great American Eclipse, the first advance weather forecasts have appeared on various online weather websites.

I’ve been worried about my trip – only because if I’m traveling twelve hours to capture an eclipse, the last thing I need is overcast skies or a rainstorm on that day.

Two of my three target destinations, however, show promise.  Target A lists the weather on August 21 as “mostly sunny.”  Target B says that on August 21, the weather will be “partly cloudy.”  Target C, unfortunately, still lists thunderstorms in the area.

Mind you, I realize that these weather forecasts are extremely preliminary and there’s no guarantee that the weather report from today will equate to the weather two weeks from now.  That’s hwy it’s called “weather forecasting,” right?

Still… it does bring a glimmer of hope for my trip.

And in the end … that’s important as well…