Week 6 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

Okay, I’m ready for Wednesday’s trivia event.  I’m going to arrive in plenty of time, I’m going to get some food to eat when I’m playing, and I’m planning on running the table.

Got to Rivers Casino in plenty of time.

Ordered some food.

And when I arrived at the Van Slyck Restaurant, home of the Wednesday night trivia game hosted by Damon…

It wasn’t hosted by Damon this week.

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Week 5 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

I gotta hurry.   I’m running late.  And the trivia host, Damon, starts a 7:00 p.m. game at 7:00 p.m. on the nose.

Pulled into Rivers Casino’s parking garage.  Quickly handed off my coat to Betsy the coat check lady, and got to Van Slyck Bar inside the casino – and made the game with two minutes to spare.

I’ll explain why I was running late in another blog post.  But for now… let’s recap.

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Week 4 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

Before I provide you with this week’s recap, I need to tell a story.

It’s a story about being overconfident in a topic.

Many years ago, on a Valentine’s Day trivia night, I was in the lead and looking to run the table in my trivia game.  I realized that trivia would fall on a Valentine’s Day that night, so I tried to bone up on all sorts of Valentine’s Day trivia.  You know – stuff like “In what century was Valentine made a saint,” or “How many candies are in a standard Whitman sampler box,” stuff like that.

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Week 3 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

By missing the first week of the Capital District’s Trivia Unification Tournament – where dozens of local bars and taverns host trivia competitions, and the top teams play a one-day, winner takes-all championship – I’m already behind the 8-ball.  Urgh.

But a second-place showing last week at least garnered me points for the event.  Now I need to hunker down and get some first-place points to secure a spot in the competition.  As things stand right now, I have 7 Unification points, and the cutoff for the Top 25 of all teams participating is currently 17 points.

Chuck gotta work.

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Week 2 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

All right, it’s time for the second week of the Capital District’s Trivia Unification Tournament, in which all the area’s bar and tavern trivia companies pick their top teams for a single-game winner-take-all championship.

Wait … did I say second week?

Yeah, I did.  Seems I didn’t realize the qualification tournament started last week.


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A Unification Trivia Championship? Sweet mother of Jesus, yes yes yes…

The venues are still being set up.  The organizations are still partnering.

But if this happens…

Hell YES I’m participating.

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The hidden trivia opponent

Two years ago, a team of Times Union staffers won an inaugural charity trivia event.  Last year, Trinity Alliance of the Capital District – a team that I participated on – took the title.

So last night was essentially a “rubber match” between both squads, as part of the annual SEFCU charity trivia tournament.  The grand prize?  $5,000 to the charity of the winning team’s choice.

Let’s do this.

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