Success Poster: The First Step

Here’s a motivational poster that you can print out and tape to your office cubicle wall.  Hope you enjoy it.


You need a last-minute Valentine’s Day card? I got you covered…

Okay, you got up this morning, you’ve taken care of your normal Monday business, and you’re now at work.  You’ve fired up your web browser, and while the boss isn’t looking, you’re checking out your favorite blogs.  And – suddenly – you realize that today is Valentine’s Day, and OOPS you forgot!!

You quickly grab your phone and call the florist for a last-minute bouquet, you then call a restaurant and beg for a reservation.  Now you’ve got to purchase a Valentine’s Day card.

Luckily for you, I can help you out.

Attached in today’s blog post is a motivational picture that can double as a Valentine’s Day card.  Simply print, fold into an envelope, and give it to your special sweetie.

Now the florist and the dinner reservations … you’re on your own on that front.

A success poster for Monday – “Hang On”

I took this photograph at the Pine Hollow Arboretum in Slingerlands.  I was actually wandering through the spacious grounds – it’s a beautiful place, you should visit it, it brings a lot of peace and tranquility to your mind – when I saw this leaf, caught in mid-air from its descent by the branch of another tree.  Had to turn it into a success poster.  Feel free to add this to your desktop.