The skillsets, and how to avoid fear of them

Over the years, I’ve developed a series of hybrid crafting and building skills.  Not to the level where I could use them in hostage negotiations a la Liam Neeson, but you get my point.

From the Dream Window projects, I’ve taught myself the fine art of cutting and trimming glass, as well as using glazing techniques to install glass panels in windows.  Then from there, I’ve added the skills of sanding and staining wood, drilling wood with various drill bits, and even using diamond-tipped bits to score perfect holes in glass bottles.

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How to handle being “unfriended” on Facebook

It will happen when you least expect it.  It will happen for reasons that may confuse you.

And in this world of instant online gratification, you immediately think to yourself … “What the hell is going on?”

Trust me, I’ve had it happen to me.  Many times.  More times than I care to admit or understand.

But I’m sure it will happen to you.

And you won’t even realize it at first.

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Sixteen years old.

Imagine just turning sixteen.  Your whole life is ahead of you.  You’ve in the final years of high school, your parents are talking about teaching you how to drive, and that someone special keeps catching your eye and you’re hoping that you’re catching theirs as well.

You’ve just turned sixteen.

And if you’re just turning sixteen today…

You’ve never lived in a world where these structures existed.

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The 800-subscriber milestone…

Six months.  I hadn’t even realized the time few by so quickly.

But as of yesterday, I am now up to 800 subscribers – 800 people who have linked to my current blog location, 800 people who receive, every morning without fail, a notification of a new Chuck Miller blog post.

And for that, I say thank you.  You all rock like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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Is there a Confederate general in my lineage? And would I be happy with that?

When I was younger, my mother would tell stories about how, through one way or another, I was related to a Civil War general.

Yeah, right.  Sure.  Next thing, someone’s going to tell me that because my last name is Miller, I’m related to the guy who sang “Fly Like an Eagle.”

No wait, hear me out.

Somehow, according to whatever story she spun at the time, my grandfather – Charles Bragg – was a direct descendant of some sort to Civil War general Braxton Bragg.

Yeah, I’m not sure how to react to that.

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An insurance revelation

Last Saturday, the Savoy Taproom in downtown Albany held an amazing charity fundraiser to help the victims of the four Madison Avenue homes that were destroyed in a Monday night / Tuesday morning fire.  Everything that night – from the cost of meals and drinks, to the entrance fees, to the silent auctions and raffles – all helped to bring some relief to those who lost everything in the tragedy.

On a personal note, I donated two artworks for the fundraiser – a giclee print of The Railsplitter, and Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection – and both pieces sold for good prices.  Heck, even Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan placed a bid on the Dream Window.  That’s awesome in and of itself.

But within all those fantastic moments and amazing efforts by a community and neighborhood to help out its own …

I had a personal thought.  And it’s been something I’ve avoided doing for way too long.

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A fundraiser for the Madison Avenue fire relief

Four houses were destroyed.  Several families barely escaped with the clothes on their backs.

The Monday night / Tuesday morning fire that tore through a block of houses on Madison Avenue was scary, it was frightening, it was devastating.

Now it’s time for us – as a community and as good people – to help those whose lives were turned upside-down from this tragic event.

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