Results from the 2017 Iowa State Fair

When last we checked in, two of my four entries for the Iowa State Fair’s 2017 Photography Salon were accepted, and will hang on the walls of the Patty and Jim Cownie Cultural Center in Des Moines.  This is great.  This is exciting.  This is … still unknown.  Which two of my four entries got in, and did either – or both – win some prize silks and money?

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My 2017 Altamont Fair results

What a reversal of results for me.

Many years ago – 2009, 2010, 2012 to be more precise – my pictures couldn’t get a ribbon at the Altamont Fair.  It was emotionally rough.

At the same time, my artworks were appearing at the New York State Fair’s photography competition with regularity.

It’s certainly a reversal now.  While my Syracuse submissions have been returned three of the last four years (including the last two), my Altamont pictures have fared reasonably well.  Last year, one of my Dream Windows – Dream Window 17: Friday Night Fish Fry – claimed a blue ribbon.  Over at the sheep and goat barn, I’ve scored blue ribbons with pictures like The Jumbuck, Rutland the Goat and We Are Not Chickens. And I’ve also scored some silks in the Fine Art barn with pictures like Aerochrome Falls, The Lenten Meal and Star Trails of Brown Tract Pond.  So the success is there, for sure.

Now let’s see if it continues.

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My 2017 Altamont Fair entries are…

It’s that time again.  An opportunity for me to enter my photography into the Altamont Fair’s photo competition.  Each year I bring what I think are the photos that will stand out, the ones that have the best chance of claiming silks, the photos that will impress the judges.

I’m entering three different competitions this year – one photography competition, one in the “goat photography” category, and a third entry that took an entire year to prepare.

I’ve had success at Altamont, but I’ve also failed.  This is not unusual – for years, I would submit my best artworks, only to see them ribbon-less when the Fair began.  I half-joked about an “Altamont Curse,” and then one day three of my four artworks picked up silks.  No more curse.  At least not at Altamont.  Even though I’m not sure I can say the same thing in Syracuse.  😀

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Postcards from Syracuse … NINE OF THEM

It’s Saturday afternoon and I just came back from a little trip.

Oh, looks like the mailman has arrived.

Time to reach in the mailbox and …

I can feel them.

Little cardstocks with postage.  My fingers flip through.  Six … seven … eight … nine of them.

The postcards from Syracuse have arrived.  Six cards from the New York State Fair Photography compeittion, and three from the New York State Fair Fine Arts competition.

Nine cards.  And on the backs of these nine cards are checkmarks that denote if the artwork for each card has been accepted or rejected.  Accepted artworks stay on display at the Harriet May Mills Art Center in Syracuse for the duration of the New York State Fair; rejected artworks must be picked up Monday, as I travel to Syracuse to claim the rejects in the wryly-branded “Drive of Shame.”

What, you think I would call this Monday trip anything else?

Silly you.

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Chuck Miller Creatives is now on Etsy!

The Walkway. 16×20 foam-boarded, shot with Rolleiflex Automat MX camera, efke 25 film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Last week, I offered up a question to you, my many blog readers.  If I were to put my photos and other artworks up for purchase through my own personal site or through an online store, would you purchase them?

The overwhelming response was “Yes.”

Okay, you responded, so I’m building a store.

And the newest Etsy shop on line is called …

Chuck Miller Creatives.

Okay, I’ll work on the name…

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What’s better … “partly cloudy” or “mostly sunny”?

With only two weeks left before my planned trip to photograph the 2017 Great American Eclipse, the first advance weather forecasts have appeared on various online weather websites.

I’ve been worried about my trip – only because if I’m traveling twelve hours to capture an eclipse, the last thing I need is overcast skies or a rainstorm on that day.

Two of my three target destinations, however, show promise.  Target A lists the weather on August 21 as “mostly sunny.”  Target B says that on August 21, the weather will be “partly cloudy.”  Target C, unfortunately, still lists thunderstorms in the area.

Mind you, I realize that these weather forecasts are extremely preliminary and there’s no guarantee that the weather report from today will equate to the weather two weeks from now.  That’s hwy it’s called “weather forecasting,” right?

Still… it does bring a glimmer of hope for my trip.

And in the end … that’s important as well…

If I made the offer … would you accept?

“That’s the photo I want.”

He wanted one of my nocturnal astronomy photos.  Specifically, he read my blog from a month ago – this one in particular – and wanted a print of this specific photo.

Milky Way, Corinth. Nikon Df camera, Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens, 20 seconds at ISO 6400. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

I hadn’t initially thought of selling the artwork, it was simply a test for a future Milky Way shot – but hey, I’ve known this guy for years, we were buds in college, and I’m sure it will find a nice new display area in his home.  So I printed the artwork (McGreevy Pro Lab does wonders), and shipped it off.

But in doing so, I thought about something.  And thanks to a recent change in my blogging parameters … well, let me explain.

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