No school today…

While on my jaunt through Washington County to find some decent fall foliage, I came across something I wasn’t expecting to see.

And yes, I got a photo of it.

Let me explain.

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The small world … and the even smaller world…

Among my camera lenses that will successfully integrate with my Nikon Df camera body are two “macro” lenses.  One lens is a vintage Micro-Nikkor 55mm lens which captures the exact size of the object as you can see in the frame.  The other lens is a construction from Hong Kong, a Zhong Yi Mitakon 20mm f/2 lens, meaning that whatever appears in the viewfinder is actually 4.5 times larger than regular size.

Enormous and Gi-normous, I guess.

Using these lenses takes some patience and concentration.  But if you can frame the object just right … you can get some amazing photographs with these lenses.  Sharp focused objects in the foreground, with swirly sweet bokeh in the back.

Let me give you some examples with photos I took over the weekend.

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My entries for Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT 2017 auction are…

Last year, my plans for attending BUILT were completely derailed.  While my three entries in the 2016 charity art auction sold for very solid prices … I could not physically be at the event, as I was stuck in a hospital, suffering from broken bones in my foot.  Argh.

This year is different.  I don’t care if both my feet are broken, I will CRAWL to the annual BUILT charity auction for Historic Albany Foundation if that’s what it takes.

And, of course, I need to enter three pieces of artwork honoring Albany’s architecture and history to the event.

So I looked through all my photos and artworks and projects …

And since I am limited to a maximum of three artworks for submission…

Let these be my three artworks of submission.  They include:

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My night at TRASK 2017…

And Charity Season 2017 has commenced.

Three of my artworks – two framed photography prints, The Saratoga and North Creek Railroad and Milky Way at the Corinth Reservoir – and my crate art project, Saratoga Vichy Crate Art Project – were on display at the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, as part of the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation’s 2017 TRASK Art Show and Sale.

I’m admiring all the artworks and creations by my fellow painters, photographers and craftspeople, and there’s some absolutely amazing pieces here.  And the proceeds raised from this event will benefit restoration projects and preservation in the city.  So it’s a win-win.
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Drop-Off Day for the 2017 TRASK charity art auction

Last minute, last minute, gotta hurry, gotta hurry.

Sort of my life story.

See, although all three of my artworks – The Saratoga and North Creek Railroad, Saratoga Vichy Crate Art Project and Milky Way at the Corinth Reservoir – were accepted into the 2017 Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation TRASK charity art auction…

The event, which helps raise money for the preservation of monuments and buildings in the Saratoga Springs area, is a long-time favorite endeavor of mine.  Besides being able to find beauty and wonder in my photographs and art projects in the forests and architecture of Saratoga County…

It’s also a chance to bring closure to painful parts of my childhood.

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Chuck Miller Creatives Etsy site has new artworks!

After successfully selling some of my photo artwork and prints on the Chuck Miller Creatives Etsy site earlier this year, I figured it was time to add some more prints to the gallery.

And so, as several of my pieces finally left the competition realm, I found time to add these prints to the site.  These prints make great gifts, they make awesome home or office art, and you at least know who took the pictures.  Yeah, it was me.  😀

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