The Kurt Busch / Patricia Driscoll saga continues…

I have no tolerance for high-profile athletes that are involved in domestic violence.  As a survivor of domestic abuse, it still shakes me to the core.

Which makes the latest chapter of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch’s life so completely off the rails.

As I’ve chronicled in my blog in the past, Busch has a million dollars of racing talent and about twenty-five cents of calmness.  He speaks his mind and he drives like every race determines the championship.

But he’s also lost high-profile rides in the past, due to his outspokenness and his off-track actions.  He lost a major ride with Jack Roush’s superteam, then a few years later was bounced from Roger Penske’s NASCAR squad.  He had to drive for an independent, underfunded outfit for a year or two before receiving a chance with a third NASCAR superteam, the Stewart-Haas squad (his NASCAR teammates on Stewart-Haas include three-time series champion Tony Stewart, 2014 series champion Kevin Harvick, and former IndyCar race winner Danica Patrick).

But even then, Kurt Busch and controversy could not stay apart.  Two years ago, Busch was involved in a very ugly domestic violence issue with his then-girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll.  I mean, extremely ugly.  So ugly, in fact, that NASCAR suspended Busch for the first three races of the 2015 season.  And this is a sport in which NASCAR let another driver, Travis Kvapil, continue to drive even after Kvapil beat his own wife senseless.  Ugh.

Since then, Kurt Busch has returned to his #41 HAAS Motorsports Chevrolet, and he’s currently in the 2016 NASCAR Chase for the Championship.  And, for the most part, he’s kept his nose clean throughout this time.  And this public figure has kept his private life – thankfully – private.

Patricia Driscoll, Kurt Busch’s ex-girlfriend, on the other hand, hasn’t been as quiet.

There was an ESPN / Outside the Lines investigation into Driscoll’s involvement in charitable “wounded warrior” organizations, discovering that Driscoll may have used funds from this organization for her own personal usage – even to the point of using Kurt Busch’s private jet for functions that were reimbursed by the charitable organization, on Driscoll’s demand.  And on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Driscoll has been indicted on seven charges ranging from wire fraud to mail fraud, and from tax evasion to interference with the IRS.  She is expected to surrender to authorities today.


This is scary.

Now someone’s going to think, “Well, Chuck, do you retract all your flaming pitchfork statements about Kurt Busch that you made in the past, now that you know that Patricia Driscoll is who she is?”

No.  First off, just because Patricia Driscoll is being indicted on these charges, does not dismiss the previous incidents Driscoll and Busch had.  They were severe enough that NASCAR parked Busch for a time.  And Busch has proven to be reckless and hotheaded in the past.  NASCAR is a sport with a foundation based on public image, with international sponsorships emblazoned on the hoods of cars.  Sponsors will run away from NASCAR at the first sign that they’re sponsoring someone with a less-than-squeaky-clean reputation.

Now granted, Busch is keeping his personal life on the DL, and he’s winning races – in fact, this year he set a new NASCAR record for finishing on the lead lap in the most consecutive races from the start of a season – but the damage to his reputation and his image will be more difficult to repair.  It’s hard to remember “Kurt Busch, 2004 NASCAR Cup Champion” and “Kurt Busch, battling Ricky Craven for the lead in Darlington for the closest finish in NASCAR history,” when you’re still thinking about “Kurt Busch involved in domestic dispute with girlfriend at Dover Raceway in 2014.”

Trust me.  Patricia Driscoll’s problems are still stuck with Kurt Busch, just like spraypainted graffiti on a water tower.

And I’m not running to defend Kurt Busch any time soon.  But I will say this.

Whatever happens with Patricia Driscoll… let the judiciary and the legal system take its path.

Stay in the car, keep your nose clean, and no matter what, keep your temper in check.

Let me repeat that, Kurt Busch.

Keep your temper in check.


The Adventures of Chargin’ Chuck Miller

When your first name is one of the most common Anglo-Saxon names out there, and your last name is one of the ten most common surnames in America, there’s bound to be a few more Chuck Millers out there than one would expect.   There’s a professional riding lawn mower racer with that name; there’s a 1950’s boogie piano player who had a Top 10 hit with “The House of Blue Lights”; there’s a yoga instructor and a lawyer and a stand-up comedian and lots of others.  Heck, I’ve even found another person who, like myself, uses the name “Chuck the Writer” for his online presence.

So how do I top this?

I top it this way.

Chuck Miller T-shirt.
Chuck Miller T-shirt.

Recently I acquired the T-shirt you see in this blog post.  Amazing what you can find on the World Wide Web these days.

So who is this “Chuck Miller” and how did he merit a custom-made T-shirt?

Apparently that Chuck Miller is this Chuck Miller.  Chargin’ Chuck Miller.

Kenko 24kt sprint car driven by Chargin’ Chuck Miller. From Chargin’ Chuck Miller Twitter feed (

Chargin’ Chuck Miller was one of the top stars on the West Coast sprint car tracks, and his Kenko Utilities 24KT car won many races and generated a legion of dirt track fans.

He drove mostly in California, I have reports of him dominating tracks in San Jose and Hanford and Chico.

There isn’t much else out there that I was able to find; trying to Google “Chuck Miller” turns into an adventure in Google-vaining.  And the few reports I did find were that Chuck Miller the sprint car racer could hold his own against any other roof-winged driver in the field.

At the San Jose Fairgrounds, he won the 1993 and 1994 Johnny Key Classic, a race that pays tribute to a legendary sprint car driver from the 1950’s.  He also won the Lloyd Beard Classic three times (1984, 1994, 1995).  He won the 1986 and 1988 sprint car championships at Baylands Raceway Park in Fremont.  And he picked up four wins in the Golden State / King of the West 410 Sprint Car series, which is still in existence today.

He was a popular enough racer at the time that, in fact, there were T-shirts made of his car – including the shirt I currently own, which apparently has Miller driving the #5 Danell Brothers Farms car.  The artwork for the T-shirt is dated 1991.

I don’t know much else about Chargin’ Chuck Miller, but I am glad that I’ve got this T-shirt.  I certainly would have loved to see him race, but I haven’t come across any video footage from my YouTube searches.

That being said, I at least have this cool T-shirt.

That’s nice, too.

Thoughts while window-bashing…

Last night I spent some time in reflection.  I do that when it comes to “window-bashing,” my term for removing the old glass from a future Dream Window artwork.  In this case, this particular window frame was coated with dirt and gunk and cobwebs and cracks and flakes and other disgusting thingies.  Heck, I think the window frame itself is probably coated in old lead paint.

But as I’m bashing out the broken glass and sanding the frame and sweeping up all the gungus from the floor… I began thinking again.  I do this on occasion.

And here’s some of the thoughts I had regarding all this.

  • Now that my car is completely paid off, and the title is mine free and clear, I want to spend the year saving up for a Christmas gift for myself.  I’ll save all the loose change, all my winning lottery tickets and OTB winning bets, and in November I’ll turn it all into a B&H Photo Video gift card.  And whatever it comes out to, I’ll go to New York City and buy a goodie for myself.  It’s an oddball Christmas Club conscript, but hey…
  • I’m really enjoying the Empire TV series.  Now if this show debuted in, oh let’s say the late 1980’s, maybe the show’s opening credits would look like this?
  • Last night was Game 5 of the NBL Canada’s first-round series between the (Prince Edward Island) Storm and the Saint John (N.B.) Mill Rats.  I was watching the game via a YouTube stream while I was doing my window-bashing.  Let’s put it this way.  Mike Williams (#7 in orange for the Storm) will never have to pay for a meal in Prince Edward Island again after this.


  • I’m hearing chirping birds outside my window.  I hope those are the birds who flew south and are returning, and are not the birds who consider a Capital District nor’easter “south.”
  • The Washington Avenue Armory’s woes stem from the one true, unassailable fact – it’s a former munitions depot that has been trying for years to become something different; a multi-purpose performance facility with no nearby parking garage.  Maybe at one time in our lives this building would have been adequate for all its roles, but that was before someone built the arena on South Pearl Street.
  • I just recently purchased a Swiffer/Bissell steam-cleaning floor mop.  Awesome stuff, it works like a charm.
  • Competition season is coming up quickly.  And I’ve got a few ideas for upcoming photos.  Some that I haven’t even mentioned in this blog.
  • I entered two of my pictures – The AGFA Bridge Over Ansco Lake and The Three-Two Pitch – in a competition in Florida.  I would share the link with all of you and ask you to consider voting for them, until I discovered that each “vote” costs $1.
  • I need to go to Snow Man and get a Boston Shake.
  • My daughter Cassaundra got a new job.  She’s working at Home Depot.  And she’s getting a new place.  Good for her.  Proud of her.  We all need to get away from things that are toxic in our lives, and she’s doing that with a lot of strength and conviction.
  • One of these days I’m going to blog about my recipe for “hot dog screamers.”  Trust me.  It’s as delicious as Spam Stroganoff or Hula-Burgers.  I kid you not.
  • I think I need a road trip to Philadelphia.  Or maybe to Allentown.  Or possibly south central Pennsylvania.  Yeah.  Weekend road trip.  Works for me.
  • You know, it’s been five years since I worked on that Bottle Service web series, and it still hasn’t seen the light of day.  I would say that my time was wasted in that event, but I did make some great friends by being part of it, so it’s a mixed blessing for sure.
  • NASCAR reinstated Kurt Busch and he can now drive in the sport again.  Memo to Kurt.  Don’t screw this up, it’s your last chance.  Okay, now I’m putting money on him getting tossed out of NASCAR by at least the Southern 500 at Darlington.  Any takers?
  • There are people right now who are trying to read this blog post and determine if they can “find any hidden messages” or secret passive-aggressive comments inbetween the lines.  Here, I’ll make it easy for you.  ˙ǝɟᴉl ɐ ʇǝƃ ʍou ;uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ɹoʇᴉuoɯ ɹnoʎ uɹnʇ oʇ ʍoɥ ʍouʞ noʎ ‘suoᴉʇɐlnʇɐɹƃuoƆ
  • I don’t know why, but every time I work on a window-bashing project, I always cut the side of my right index finger.  No other fingers, just that one.  Not too much blood leaking this time.
  • There are days when I feel like the loneliest sound in the universe is the last heartbeat.
  • And then I go to the blog and there’s comments and discussion; I go to Facebook and there’s “likes” and comments, and I go to Twitter and there’s comments and retweets.  Maybe I’m not alone after all.
  • Of course I’m not alone.  I’ve got all of you, my friends, my readers, my compatriots.  And truly, I could never be alone as long as I have all of you.

Okay, gotta clean up.  I’ve got broken glass everywhere, and between the glass and the rusted glazier’s points and the splinters and the paint flakes and everything…

Anyways, thanks for being my readers.  I really appreciate all of you.

See you tomorrow with another new blog post!

Park Kurt Busch NOW, NASCAR!

You know what?  I’m sick and tired of seeing athletes and sports figures abusing family members – whether it be spouses, children, significant others or the like.  And I’m especially sick and tired of seeing the sanctioning bodies of these sports fumble their way through a mock investigation, maybe a suspension for a week or two, or maybe a Pontius Pilate-like absolution of their own deeds.

Let’s see.  Ray Rice.  Adrian Petersen.  Hope Solo.  Enough already.

And that means you as well, Kurt Busch.

I’ve mentioned Kurt Busch in this blog before, and I’ve mentioned the NASCAR driver’s issues regarding a domestic violence lawsuit against his former girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll.

On Friday, ESPN reported that the Kent County (Delaware) Family Court commissioner issued an order of protection against Busch, citing the following:

“The Court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that, on September 26, 2014, Respondent [Kurt Busch] committed an act of domestic violence against Petitioner [Patricia Driscoll] by manually strangling her by placing his left hand on her throat, while placing his right hand on her chin and face and smashing her head into the wall of his motor home.”

Okay, read that for a moment.  He put his hand on her throat and smashed her head into the wall of his motor home.  A court found this to be so.  A court issued an order of protection for Busch to stay away from Driscoll and her child because of this.

Now I understand that NASCAR is reluctant to get into the business of its drivers, unless they do something like run over an opposing team’s pit crew member, or if they use barnyard expletives over the radio, or if one of the lug nuts on their tires is a 16th of an inch too large…

But I have to remember, this is a sport that looked the other way when one of their second-tier-talented drivers, Travis Kvapil, assaulted his wife.  Did Kvapil drive in the next race?  Yes he did.  Did he continue to drive for the rest of the season?  Yes he did.

So why should I expect that NASCAR will park Kurt Busch?  What kind of a message is NASCAR sending by NOT telling Kurt Busch to get out of his car and stay off the track?  Is the message that it’s acceptable to assault someone and then drive in a race and hope that people will buy the products whose companies sponsor your car?

Oh yeah.  Let’s take a moment and list all the sponsors that are festooned upon Kurt Busch’s #41 Chevrolet.  His main sponsor is Haas Austomation, a machine and tool building company.  He is also sponsored by State Water Heaters, Monster energy drinks, Mobil 1 automotive products, and Oakley sunglasses.

Think for a moment.  These are the same companies that are willing to put their name on a car that is being driven by someone involved in domestic abuse.

Listen, I think Kurt Busch is a hell of a race car driver.  But I also know that he has a very short temper; he’s wrecked other drivers, he’s cursed out pit reporters, he’s gotten tossed from top-tier race teams.  This guy’s such a fast-ticking time bomb, MacGruber wouldn’t have enough time to diffuse him.

And now we see it off the track as well.

So let me pass this message to the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.  Do all of us a favor.  Take Kurt Busch out of the #41 Chevrolet.  Put someone else in that car.  I don’t care who.  There’s dozens of drivers who compete in NASCAR’s other racing circuits who could drive just as well as Kurt Busch.

And I haven’t heard that any of those drivers have assaulted their girlfriends or put their girlfriends’ heads into the side of a wall.

Kurt Busch is an idiot

You know what?  I actually believed NASCAR driver Kurt Busch had changed.

No.  He hasn’t.

Kurt Busch – who had been released from high-profile rides with Jack Roush and with Roger Penske – and at one point was holding on with a couple of single-car no-funds-in-the-bank teams – had rehabbed his image and his reputation to the point where he could drive again for a high-profile NASCAR team, Stewart-Haas Racing.  The other drivers in Stewart-Haas?  Tony Stewart (three-time Cup champion), Kevin Harvick (possibly the 2014 Sprint Cup champion) and Danica Patrick (IndyCar race winner and one of the most popular drivers on the race track without a last name of Earnhardt).

He won a race earlier this year, and he actually competed in the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 on the same day.  He was the Outlaw, a man with a violent, angry past who could win races even if he was driving a Prius with four flat tires.  But this is a man whose anger and rage forced him to the depths of the racing world… until he found a way to claw back to the top.

Hope you enjoy those depths, Kurt.  You’re heading back there now.

Last Wednesday, the police in Dover, Delaware began an investigation into domestic abuse charges against Kurt Busch.  The incident is said to have occurred outside of Busch’s motor home at a race in Dover, and involved Busch and his ex-girlfriend Pamela Driscoll.  The investigation is continuing.

Busch has already retained an attorney, Rusty Hardin – the same attorney who is currently representing Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who is currently suspended from the NFL on charges of child abuse.  Hardin issued the following statement:

“The Dover Police Department has been informed that Mr. Busch will fully cooperate with their investigation and he expects to be vindicated when the entire truth of the situation comes to light. This allegation is a complete fabrication by a woman who has refused to accept the end of a relationship and Mr. Busch vehemently denies her allegations in every respect. At this time we intend to have no further comment in the media out of respect for the Dover Police Department’s desire to conduct a thorough investigation without a media circus.”

At the same time, Busch had worked with and promoted Driscoll’s charitable organization, the Armed Forces Foundation.  The AFF released the following statement:

“The Foundation will continue working to support service members, veterans, and military families … Given the serious nature of the allegations, the Foundation has suspended its association with Mr. Busch.”

Now before anybody jumps on my back and says, “Chuck, you’re condemning a man before he’s guilty…” let me say this.  NASCAR is going to investigate this.  The Dover Police Department is going to investigate this.  But whatever decision comes from this… Kurt Busch is probably out of a job at the end of the season.

But the Associated Press has obtained a copy of the court documents… and in the AP’s story, there are plenty of sickening details about the day in question between Busch and Driscoll.

The documents, filed Wednesday, say Busch was despondent the night of Sept. 26 after his poor performance at the qualifying session.

“He was verbally abusive to her and said he wished he had a gun so that he could kill himself,” the documents say.

Driscoll said Busch, 36, called her names and accused her of “having spies everywhere and having a camera on the bus to watch him.” He then jumped up, grabbed her face and smashed her head three times against the wall next to the bed, Driscoll says in the documents.

Driscoll says she pushed Busch away and ran from the bedroom, going to a nearby bus to put an ice pack on her head and neck. She said the incident caused her severe pain, difficulty breathing and bruising on her neck.

He grabbed her face and smashed her head three times into a wall, according to the court documents.  Think about this for a second.

NASCAR has had issues with drivers and domestic abuse in the past.  Does the name Travis Kvapil ring a bell?  And, in fact, Travis Kvapil still gets to drive in NASCAR’s top circuit – the Sprint Cup Series – with only a two-year probation from a domestic abuse charge.

And that was before Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson and War Machine and Greg Hardy and Slava Voynov and every other “charged with domestic abuse” athlete.

And let’s talk about sponsorships.  Sponsors pay upwards of $20 million a year to have their logos plastered all over race cars – in Busch’s case, his main sponsors are Haas Automation and State Water Heaters.  Do you think that a sponsor wants to put his support behind a race car driver with a domestic abuse charge – or even the investigation of one?

And Kurt Busch has a history of anger and volatility – whether it’s on the track or cursing out pit reporters after a race.  Already every news report regarding Kurt Busch has brought up all of his past suspensions and transgressions and the like.

Kurt Busch may be one of the most talented drivers in NASCAR… but talent only gets you so far.  NASCAR should do to Busch what they SHOULD have done with Travis Kvapil last year – if there’s a domestic abuse charge filed against a driver, and there is reasonable evidence that such abuse occurred, then Kurt Busch should be parked and suspended.

NASCAR needs to send this message.  Violence against women will not be tolerated, especially when it involves one of their high-profile drivers.

And a personal message to Kurt Busch.  Park your car.  Go home.  Get some professional help.  Your life is more important than making a bunch of left turns on a superspeedway.

Eve of Destruction 2014 at Lebanon Valley Speedway

Four years ago, I took a last-minute assignment to photograph John “Rocky Hardcore” Hauri as he attempted to put a fire truck in the air as part of Lebanon Valley Speedway’s “Eve of Destruction” stunt show.  He did.  And survived.

I returned each year to photograph the stunts – as far as I was concerned, it was a “Time for Prints” deal, I would provide Rocky with pictures of his stunts, while I took the time to use my equipment to its fullest potential.  And during that time, Rocky risked his life several times – mostly by setting himself on fire, crashing a car through a streamline trailer, sending an ambulance into the air, and knocking over a row of standing-on-their-end school buses.  Thankfully for all concerned, he didn’t do all this at the same time.

Once again, Rocky Hardcore visited Lebanon Valley Speedway for the 2014 end-of-school crashfest known as Lebanon Valley’s “Eve of Destruction.”  He’s got one vehicle stunt on the schedule – he’ll drive a truck into a standing-on-end school bus – and he also plans to set himself on fire.  And once again, he contacted me to photograph his stunts.

I arrived at Lebanon Valley Speedway, picked up my all-access wristband, and set up my camera gear in the infield.  I figured, why wait to meet up with Rocky, I’ve got the schedule of events memorized – let’s get a time-lapse of the pro-stock race with my ASTRO intervalometer.

While that was going on, I met up with Dan Smith – the “D357” of this blog – who was also hired to film Rocky’s stunts.  Dan would handle video, while I took care of still shots.  Rocky came over and said hi to us, then he brought me over to another portion of the infield, so that I could meet up with some of the other stunt drivers.

And the other stunt driving team – Chris Morena and Tim Chitwood, who can trace their legacy down to the great Joie Chitwood stunt car team. You know, the Joie Chitwood team that could drive a truck around the track on two side wheels. Way cool stuff.

Chris Morena handled the first stunt – he drove a car into a “steel wall” of three upended cars. In order to get a good vantage point for the stunt, I climbed up on the roof of the track’s infield food stand.


Pow. Took out two of those three cars like it was a baby split. Then he came back and nailed the third car, just for good measure.

After a few other events at the Eve of Destruction show, including a rollover contest in which cars went off a ramp and tried to effectuate as many barrel rolls as possible – the Joie Chitwood stunt car team did that legendary ride on the two side tires, not only driving the length of the track, but also having one of their team standing on the side of the car. Wow.


Then it was time for one of Rocky’s stunts. He climbed into a car… and someone threw a lit torch into the car with him. Car goes up in flames. Rocky climbs out, he looks like he’s auditioning for the new Fantastic Four movie.


He walked around the track a couple of times, and as the firemen finally put his flames out, he celebrated another successful death-defying stunt at Lebanon Valley Speedway.

But Rocky wasn’t done yet.  He had a car stunt to perform – he would drive a truck through a standing upended school bus.  In other words… THIS upended school bus.


Man, that’s the worst school bus parking job I’ve ever seen.

Did Rocky take out his target?


You tell me.

Now here’s some background on the final stunt, which involved driver Chris Morena jumping a car over a school bus.

Last year, one of Rocky Hardcore’s stunts was ruined when a driver plowed into the ramp during one of the “Eve of Destruction” races.  To prevent that from happening again, the track organizers rearranged the stunt order so that the final jump would occur BEFORE the school bus race or the trailer race or any other crash-and-leave-lots-of-parts-on-the-track race.

Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the track – the infield – which would have given me a rotten position to photograph the jump.

I looked around.  The roof of the infield concession stand would have been worse.  I needed something obstructed and safe.

The stunt team was setting up for the big jump.  I looked around.

Hey, nobody’s standing in the race track flag stand.

I said to one of the track officials, “Do I have enough time to get to the flag stand from here before the stunt goes off?”

“We’re starting in one minute.  You have 30 seconds to get there.”

I made it to the flag stand in twenty seconds.

Quick.  Set up.  No time to fool around.

And I got this shot for my troubles.



Works for me.

All in all, another very successful stint at Eve of Destruction 2014 – lots of excitement, lots of thrills, lots of fun.  And I got some more great shots, this time with my Nikon Df camera and a whole lot of running around.

Can’t wait for Eve of Destruction 2015.

Oh heck, maybe I’ll go find another stunt show later this year.  I wonder if they’re still doing stunts at the Orange County Fairgrounds downstate.

I’ll have to check it out.

Want to sponsor a race car? Sure you do!

It’s Sunday, and you’re sitting at home watching NASCAR races and thinking to yourself, “Man, how cool would that be if I could have my business’s name on the hood of Tony Stewart’s car.  That would be awesome.”

Well, unfortunately neither you nor I have $20 million for that kind of sponsorship.

It’s Saturday night, and you’re in the stands at Lebanon Valley Raceway and thinking to yourself, “Man, how cool would it be if I could have my business’s name on the hood of Todd Goldstein’s car.  That would be awesome.”

Yeah, you probably couldn’t afford Todd Goldstein, either.

But what if there was a way to get your logo on a racing vehicle – and it wouldn’t cost you millions of dollars?

My buddy Freddie Dunn brought this to my attention, and I felt like sharing it with you.  And I can tell right now, your inner Richard Childress / Jack Roush / Joe Gibbs is interested in finding out more info.

The Capital District chapter of the All-American Soap Box Derby is looking for sponsorships.  Right now their goal is to raise at least $1,750 or any amount leading up to that total.  The person or organization who donates the most money can have their logo on everything from the organization’s website, yearbook program, T-shirts and parade banners, to – and this is where I’m leading – the hood of one of the organization’s dozen Soap Box Derby racers.  And these are the cars that go to Akron for the Nationals in July.

That’s right.  How cool would it be to have your company’s name on a race car?  Heck, you could have your company’s name on ALL the race cars if that worked for you.  I could see it now… “And coming to the finish line, it’s the Alloveralbany car for the win!” (Come on, Greg and Mary, you know this would be waycool)

So now you’re thinking to yourself… “Hey, I could do this, but I don’t have $1,750 as disposable income.”

No problem.  Even small donations are accepted, you’ll still get mentioned in the yearbook and on the website and the parade banners… and you could even sponsor ONE car if you wanted.

So now you’re REALLY thinking to yourself… “What’s in it for Chuck?”

Nothing, really… but I do enjoy watching motorsports, and organizations like the CDAASBD and Little League baseball and Pop Warner football and all the other youth sports organizations out there have several goals.  They give kids a chance to have fun.  They give kids a chance to learn something fun.  They give kids an opportunity to challenge themselves and learn new skills – and with Soap Box Derby racers, you can learn everything from aerodynamics to physics, from automotive mechanics to repairs.

And if I can use this blog to help promote something that actually benefits kids and gives them an opportunity to compete on both a local and a national stage… then heck yeah I’m going to blog about it.

So now you’re REALLY, REALLY thinking to yourself… “Okay.  Where do I donate?”

The best way to donate would be to contact Ginger Miller, the organization’s director, at the Capital District Soap Box Derby organization.

And if you do donate to the cause… I hope your car finishes in Victory Lane.