When Star Wars battles Star Trek…

We all have our personal fandom when it comes to the most popular science-fiction entertainment.  There are those who believe that the Star Trek universe rules, there are those who believe that the Star Wars universe is triumphant.  I personally don’t have a dog in the fight, I love both universes equally.

Which came to a head last night in Fresno, California.

Let me explain.

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Unless Eddie Vedder’s serving the food…

Last Sunday, I visited the Troy Flea for its first show of the 2017 season.  Didn’t find anything, but all that means is I come back next time and whatever I didn’t find then … I’ll find now.

As I arrived at the Troy Flea, I noticed a food truck.  Okay, let’s check out what’s available here.

It was only then that i noticed the name of the food truck.

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Requiem for an ugly fish

I visited my retinal doctor yesterday, Dr. Templar, for a scheduled eye examination and medicine injection appointment.  Yep, I got another shot of medicine jammed directly into my left eye.  If you think it sounds painful and uncomfortable … it is.

In my past visits to Dr. Templar and his practice, I’ve taken a few moments to gaze into the aquarium in the practice’s lobby.  There are all types of fish in the aquarium … including this guy.

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When James Comey testifies today, I hope he reveals…

So everybody grab your popcorn and gather around the television / radio / streaming video set this morning.

James Comey is going to testify before the House Intelligence Committee regarding conversations he had with President Trump – including those where Trump demanded that Comey swear loyalty to the President, and that Trump wanted Comey to ease off investigations involving the Russian collusion and investigations about disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

I know this will be a riveting story.  It will provide Americans with a window into the inner workings of the White House, into the machinations of President Donald Trump, into the battle for power and control of the most powerful nation on Earth.

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Don’t upset the Wayne County Apple cart…

I’ve been going through an “upcycle recycle” wooden crate phase of late, and my most recent acquisition is this Wayne County apple crate.

That’s a cool logo on the front of the crate – NEW YORK WAYNE COUNTY APPLES on the front, along with a few painted apples to effect.

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How NOT to ship an important package

I may have mentioned this story before, so forgive me if this seems familiar.

Yesterday, I boxed up my four entries for the Iowa State Fair Photography Competition, and brought them to the post office for shipping.  I used a Flat Rate Priority Mail cardboard box (cost $13.60 for postage), plus another $13.60 for the return postage.  The counterperson at the post office dutifully gathered four $5 stamps, six $1 stamps, a couple of 49¢ stamps, a pair of 10¢ stamps, and two penny stamps.  I separated the stamps, put $13.60 worth of postage INTO the shipping container, closed the container (just to show the counterperson that I did not have any contents that were fragile, lethal, or potentially hazardous, no perfume or lithium ion batteries, so as to avoid the upsell), then, I placed the remaining $13.60 of stamps – eight stamps total – on the container.  And off to Des Moines we go.

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