The GLF Embroidery Project, Part 1

So I’ve been working on my “Trout Potatoes” burlap sack embroidery project for a while.  And I’ve discovered some things in my creation of same.

And in those discoveries, I’ve realized that if I do this project again, I have to make this work more effectively.  In fact, I’m putting aside my plan to stitch this burlap bag into something compelling …

Thus begins a new art project … with a different burlap sack … this time involving the initials GLF.

I shall explain.

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More of the Whitney Avalon Show!

Had a rough day yesterday.  Everything that could go wrong … did go wrong.  I need something to make me smile.

Wait.  YouTube message.  My friend, actress / singer / comedienne Whitney Avalon has made another YouTube video?

Damn I gotta check it out.

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The Trout Potatoes Art Project – Part 1

While on my Washington State vacation last October, I stopped at a local antiques store.  I figured I’d kill some time at the antiques store, look at the furniture and the bric-a-brac …

And look what I found.

$25 later, this little treasure was in my suitcase for the long trip back to New York.

And the first person who says to me, “Chuck, it’s just a burlap sack, it’s not like you found gold or anything,” to them I say, “Well … maybe I did.”

Artistic gold, mind you.

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Dixie cups, Solo cups, lots of fun with cups

Remember when you were a kid, and you were playing around with your drinking glass or sippy cup… and your mom would invariably chastise you, suggesting that you might spill your drink or drop your glass and break it, and what trouble you would experience should that happen…

Well, today, people are playing with their drinking cups as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.  Let me show you some examples.

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A walnut bowl and a bruised knuckle

As part of my efforts to learn something new in my life, I took a course yesterday in beginning wood turning.  You know, where you place a big chunk of wood on a lathe and chisel it until it becomes candlesticks or a vase or some artistic doodad.

Figured I’d give it a try.

And I did make a bowl.  Wasn’t planning on making a bowl… but in the end, after what I went through, I’m glad I made at least something.

Let me explain.

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Do you want to be a “target driver” this year?

As long-time readers of my blog will verify, I participate every year in a personal Thanksgiving holiday tradition.   On Thanksgiving morning, I’m at the Empire State Plaza with hundreds of other volunteer drivers, and we deliver Thanksgiving turkey dinners to needy families throughout the Capital District as part of the Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner tradition.

It’s a personal mitzvot for me, and I enjoy making it part of my life – so much so, in fact, that last year when an injury prevented me from participating in the tradition, I was extremely devastated.

So last Friday, when an Equinox representative called me and asked if I would be interested in driving again this year, I couldn’t say “yes ma’am” fast enough.

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Reddit Secret Santa 2017…

It’s not a secret that I have a love-hate relationship with the social media site reddit.  At times, reddit can be a fantastic resource for news and information; and at times, it can be a haven for cyberbullies, griefers and stalkers.  I’ve experienced both sides of the issue.

So let’s talk about the positive side for a second.

Every year, as part of my personal “Chucksmas” holiday traditions, I participate in reddit’s online “Secret Santa” gift exchange.  It works like this.  Person A gives a gift to Person B, who gives a gift to Person C, and eventually Person A receives a gift from person ZYXWVU or something like that.

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