An update on the Honeywell Farms project

Last week, I started a project involving a dairy and produce crate from Honeywell Farms, a New York City-based agricultural produce center.

I disassembled the original crate, removed as much of the old battleship grey paint as possible, and cleaned the front with soapy water.

Now for the next steps.

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The Honeywell Farms Project: Paint minus paint equals …

I wanted to create another painted crate artwork, similar to my Norman’s Kill Dairy piece.  And after searching through eBay, I found a farm crate from Honeywell Farms in Jamaica, N.Y.

No problem… all I had to do was purchase the crate, have it shipped to me, knock the boards apart, wire it up, hang it on the wall, and all is good.

Yeah.  Right.

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I wish I had a Mach V

We’ve all enjoyed action-packed cars in movies and in television shows.  Heck, The Fast and the Furious series may as well star the cars rather than the drivers.

We all have our favorites – an orange ’69 Dodge Charger with welded doors and a Confederate flag on the roof; a Lincoln Futura concept car that received a Bat-makeover for a 1960’s TV series; a jet-black Pontiac Trans Am with a T-bar roof that’s perfect for running cases of Coors from Texas to Georgia …

But for me, if I ever had the opportunity to own the TV / movie car of my dreams….

It would be a cream-white, sharp-finned, gadget-crammed Mach V.

This car.

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The Return of the Ugly Fish

“I have good news for you, Mr. Miller.”

This came from Dr. Templar, my retinal specialist yesterday.  For those of you who have been following my latest health concerns and issues, you know that I am currently suffering from massive hemorrhages in the blood vessels in my eyes, and to reduce the swelling in those tiny capillaries, I must undergo several medicinal injections straight into my eyeballs.

Yeah, I know you just winced at me.  Trust me, I winced when I read that paragraph out loud.

“After your initial injections, the swelling inside your eyes has reduced significantly.”

Well, that is good news, Doctor.

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A Delivery from Norman’s Kill Dairy (Conclusion)

Update.  For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on turning an old wooden milk crate into a piece of waycool hanging art.  I removed the oak slats from the crate, sanded them down to bring out the grain in the planks, and stained the edges of the planks with black stain.

Here’s where we are at now.

Now I’m not going to leave this bare wood just sitting there and aging.  That’s not part of the project.  I need to make this thing look awesome.

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A Delivery from Norman’s Kill Dairy (Part Two)

If by chance you followed my previous blog post … I acquired a vintage milk crate from the old Norman’s Kill Dairy, a historic Albany creamery.  Rather than just keep an old milk crate around – even though old retro wooden milk crates are kinda cool – I took some of the oak slats out of the crate, with plans to re-purpose them into a new artwork.  In the previous post, I removed the slats from their metal reinforced milk crate ribs, and I palm-sanded the front of each slat to expose the wooden interior.

Now for the fun part.

I need some more wood.  And by “need some more wood,” I have to apply the slats to some sort of wooden substrate backing.  Ergo … a trip to Silver Fox Salvage.

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A Delivery from Norman’s Kill Dairy (Part One)

The Capital District’s consumer product advertising history often fascinates me.  So when an eBay auction came up that featured this old milk crate … I couldn’t resist snagging it.

Is that completely waycool?  Yes it is.  That’s an old milk crate from the Normanskill Dairy – okay, back in the day it was called Norman’s Kill Dairy, and it – like many local dairies and creameries in the area – used these porchside milk crates as repositories for milk and dairy deliveries.  If memory serves me correctly, there was a Norman’s Kill Dairy outlet in downtown Albany – I believe its exact location is now part of the Empire State Plaza complex.

I’ve had this crate for a while – and during that time, I tried using it as a convenient endtable, as a storage crate, as something, anything.  But there was something about this little crate that really interested me… not so much as function, but as fashion.

And like my “K-Chuck Cabinet” project last year, where I took a 1930’s radio highboy cabinet and upscaled it into a super-awesome hideaway storage cabinet, I wanted to upscale this milk crate into something artistic.

And thus began my first steps in achieving this lofty goal.

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