Postcards from Syracuse … NINE OF THEM

It’s Saturday afternoon and I just came back from a little trip.

Oh, looks like the mailman has arrived.

Time to reach in the mailbox and …

I can feel them.

Little cardstocks with postage.  My fingers flip through.  Six … seven … eight … nine of them.

The postcards from Syracuse have arrived.  Six cards from the New York State Fair Photography compeittion, and three from the New York State Fair Fine Arts competition.

Nine cards.  And on the backs of these nine cards are checkmarks that denote if the artwork for each card has been accepted or rejected.  Accepted artworks stay on display at the Harriet May Mills Art Center in Syracuse for the duration of the New York State Fair; rejected artworks must be picked up Monday, as I travel to Syracuse to claim the rejects in the wryly-branded “Drive of Shame.”

What, you think I would call this Monday trip anything else?

Silly you.

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Silver Fox Salvage helped me build a bird house

What you see here is a custom-made birdhouse.  This was actually made out of one of the various carrying crates I’ve acquired recently.

I wasn’t originally planning on building a birdhouse.  In fact, I’m not really sure what my plans were when I acquired this Canadian Coca-Cola crate.

All I know is that when I tried to initially take the boards apart… I screwed up.

And no, I don’t mean I used a screwdriver in the up position.

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A table for a Dr. Pepper enthusiast

When I began my latest construction and crate art projects, I purchased various wooden soda carrier crates on sites like eBay and Etsy.  Many of the crates that arrived were of decent quality, and I almost hated to tear them apart.

Then came the Dr. Pepper crate.  The seller didn’t measure the unit properly, it was actually about an inch shorter and narrower than the other crates, making it impossible for me to use it in a hope chest construction.  It was in sorry shape, barely above an end use for kindling.

So I couldn’t include it in a hope chest construction …

Instead, I crafted an endtable out of it.  A salvage project to turn trash into a table.

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“Whataya mean now it won’t fit? How do you think I got it home?”

Preparing for the New York State Fair’s contests is both exciting and arduous.  All six of my photography entries are properly printed and matted and ready to go (thanks McGreevy Pro Lab and Hobby Lobby).  And as for the three entries I’m submitting in the Arts and Crafts category – two milk crate entries, Hi Norman’s Kill Dairy and Honeywell Farms, and my fully-restored K-Chuck Cabinet – all should be good.

In fact, I wanted to bring the K-Chuck Cabinet over to a friend’s house to show off the piece.

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The New Soda Crate Hope Chest (complete with how-to video)

A couple of weeks ago, I crafted a hope chest from old wooden Coca-Cola soda crates.  It was a fun project, and I had a great time bashing out the wood and re-assembling everything.

So much so, in fact, that I decided to build a second chest.  This chest will incorporate various other popular sodas in its construction.

Here’s what the final piece looks like.

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The Coca-Cola Hope Chest: Part 1

Okay, okay, so I’ve graduated from destroying milk crates to destroying wooden soda crates.  Let’s just get that out of the way now.

But for me, it’s not “destroying” these pieces.  It’s “upcycling” them, taking what was old and fashioning them into new, functional projects.

Case in point.

I recently acquired several soda bottle crates – these were used by carriers and shippers to transport bottles of soda, 24 bottles at a time.  They were made of wood and often had company branding painted or stamped on the side.

My plan is to take the crates apart – down to the planks – and re-craft them into storage cabinets and hope chests.

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