Caption Time: What are you trying to say?

So I was cleaning out my phone yesterday, deleting old photos and shots and such, when I came across this picture.  At the time, I thought it was worth a smile – someone leaving a note for someone else.  Of course, the grammar was way off… but still…


For the Caption Time this Friday, tell me what would be the best response you could have to this message.  Maybe there’s a clue referenced with the objects adjacent to the Post-It Note?

Make your caption funny, make it clean, and impress me with your answer.

Caption Time: St. Agnes Cemetery in autumn

Yesterday I caught this photo of a monument at St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands, as the fall foliage burst through in the background.

For the photography nerds, there’s some seriously sweet donut-shaped bokeh in the autumn shades, but I’d definitely like to hear if any of my blog readers can come up with a decent caption for this photograph.  What might the saint be saying to the little child?

Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens.  Photo by Chuck Miller.
Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.

As always, keep the comments clean … but give me your best captions for this picture.

Caption Time: You had ONE job…

This morning, while eating breakfast with a couple of my friends at Duncan’s Dairy Bar in Troy, the server brought us our beverages – coffee for my friends, diet cola for me.  And as I reached for a straw to put in my drink cup…

I noticed that something was odd with the straw.

Odd … in that the straw was not complete.

Here.  You check it out.  And I think it deserves a caption.

Hey Mr. Strawmaker … you had one job…

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So can you come up with a great caption for this … er … um … incomplete straw for this Saturday morning?

Caption Time: The Carrot’s got a…

In an effort to eat healthy food, I stopped yesterday at one of my local farmer’s markets.  Purchased some strawberries and mushrooms and carrots – two bunches of carrots, to be precise.

But as I separated the bunches of carrots and looked through my haul of veggies to see which ones were “snack” carrots and which ones were “cooking” carrots…

I found this carrot.





I’ll let you caption this little guy.

So have at it.

Have fun with this one.

But try to keep it as clean as you can.

Under the circumstances, that is…

Caption Time: What a sale!

The other day, I visited my local Stewart’s for some beverages and munchies.  At the time, Stewart’s was engaged in one of their ice cream pint sales, and the store’s front door was decorated in a cute painted advertisement for the sale.

It was then that I noticed…


You’ll notice it as well.


So based on this “sale” that Stewart’s is offering… what other kinds of “sales” could make sense as a caption for this photo?

Keep it funny, but keep it clean.  Or, to put it in a more cohesive manner, keep it cleaner than the average Stewart’s bathroom. 😀

Let me hear your best captions, blog readers!

Caption Time: Play me a song…

Came across this vintage picture in my archives the other day.  The toy itself is extremely collectible, especially when there are four musicians in the set.

But if you had a toy like this… what song do you think it might play?


And no, “Three Blind Mice” isn’t an option.  There’s four of them, don’tcha know…

Come on, let’s be creative here.  What would a team of tin musical rodents play if you wound up that toy and they started to perform?

Caption Time: A stone of purple

I haven’t shot anything with my LomoChrome Purple boutique film of late, and a few weeks ago I wanted to break out a pack of the odd-colored film.

LomoChrome Purple is produced by the Lomography film company, and promises to provide breathtaking pastel colors to your photos.  And in this case, I had absolutely no idea how the photos would turn out on that shooting day.

Which is why this little image turned out the way it did.  But it needs a caption to make it work properly.  Or at least a title, should I decide it’s competition-worthy.

In this case, I turn to you, my loyal readers.  Can you give me a caption or a title for this image?

Purple Time
Photographed with Leica M3 camera, LomoChrome Purple 400 film. Photo by Chuck Miller.

And do you think this image is competition-worthy?