Bottle Service – the forgotten project

Once upon a time, I was asked by a friend of mine to appear as an extra in an upcoming web series.  The series, a drama called Bottle Service, was filmed over the span of a week or two in Saratoga Springs, and promised to be a high-energy, dynamic Internet-broadcast drama.

I participated in the event, appearing in a couple of parts – one as a paparazzo photographer (yeah, method acting works wonders), and one as a hired thug.  I had a great time, and even made a crateload of Facebook friends out of my association with the film.

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It’s a “Bottle Service” sighting!!!!


Two years ago, I worked as an extra on a new web series called Bottle Service, a drama about the goings-on at the exclusive Club “It.”  Originally, I had a cameo appearance as a paparazzo photographer, and then I filled in as a muscle-headed enforcer in an entourage? It was a great few days of work and fun for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Actress Frances Brennand Roper with an invitation for you to join Club “It,” the nightclub for the webseries Bottle Service. “Bottle Service” is a production of MoBetta Films, Inc. Photo by Chuck Miller.

That was so long ago.  In fact, I thought the project was dead.  I mean, most of the actors and actresses in the show had moved on to bigger and better things.  You know, like the web series Super Knocked Up and stuff like that.

And then, about six months ago, I crossed paths with one of the actors, Kevin Craig West, at the mall.  He showed me a little teaser trailer of Bottle Service on his cell phone, and promised to e-mail me the link.  Yeah, that was a few months ago.  And again, I thought the project was toast.

Well, today, I saw this link on Facebook.

Looks as if Bottle Service might actually see the light of day.

Oh yeah, you want to see this too, don’t you?

Go ahead and click the video link below.  I should let you know that although the clip is safe for work, it’s probably a good idea to not watch it while your boss is in the general vicinity.  Just sayin’ is all…

And some comments from Kevin Craig West, when I told him I would be putting together this little blog post for today:

“Coolbeans. Thanks. Yes, you can add that Producers Kevin Craig West, Susie Griswold and Angela Beddoe are excited that post production is moving along in the skilled and capable hands of editor Tracy Nichole Cring A release date and premiere party is in the planning. For updates, stay tuned to Bottle Service: The Series.”

So welcome to Club “It,” the home of the hottest girls, a place where your most intimate secrets stay behind closed doors – unless something happens to expose your past.

From what I hear, Bottle Service could debut later this year.  If it does – er, when it does – I’ll pass the link along to all of you.  Hope you enjoy.

News regarding the “Bottle Service” webseries! (UPDATE)

Remember Bottle Service, the webseries that filmed some pilot episodes last February up at Saratoga’s Mare / Metro / whatever it’s called now?  The one where I had a cameo appearance as a paparazzo photographer, and then later another cameo as a muscle-headed enforcer in an entourage? It was a great few days of work and fun for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Well, some time ago I received an e-mail from Daniela Malave, the former Albany Patroons dance team member who is now carving out a career as a New York City actress.

Hope all is well and wanted to keep you posted on Bottle Service. We will be holding a launch/ gala event at Metro on Sept 15th and would love for you to be our photographer and talk about the event in your blog. You have been an amazing asset to our production and would love for you to continue to be part of the process. Hopefully the date works for you and look forward to hearing from you!

Sounds like fun!

And, in fact, here’s more information on the upcoming event.

Actress Frances Brennand Roper with an invitation for you to join Club "It," the nightclub for the webseries Bottle Service. "Bottle Service" is a production of MoBetta Films, Inc. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Teetering on the knife-edge of glamour and grime, Bottle Service is a weekly web-series centered on the inner workings of a high-class nightclub, its staff and its VIP Patrons. The series follows a diverse principal cast of five whose lives revolve around, and livelihoods depend on, “Club It”.

You are cordially invited to attend!

The much highly anticipated web-series Bottle Service will be holding a launch party gala event to help raise funds to help complete post-production. Save the date for September 15th, 2011 at 7:00pm as our event will be held at the trendy Metro Club, located in beautiful historic downtown Saratoga. Join us for a fabulous evening of live music, entertainment, and mingle with musicians, actors, filmmakers, artist and art lovers from Albany, Saratoga and NYC!

Hosted by WNYT News Channel 13, Benita Zahn. Including performances by Libertina Dance Company, NYC’s Spokinn Movement, and American Idol Top 24 Contestant, Jerome Bell will be performing his hit “Collide.”

Red Carpet event, Silent and Live auction, Models, Hors d’oeuvres, Patron tasting generously provided by Hart Agency with our finale ending in the showing of our trailer and first episode!

For more information, including how to purchase tickets for the event, visit this Facebook link.

And to whet your interest in the webseries, here’s the teaser trailer for you to enjoy, courtesy of Kevin Craig West and MoBetta Films.

For more information on the upcoming Bottle Service series, visit their page on Facebook.

I hope to see everybody at the gala event!

UPDATE: I just received word that the Bottle Service event has been cancelled.  No further information is available at this time.  If something comes up, I will pass it along.

Bottle Service: The Series trailer is out now!

Last winter, I worked for a few days on Bottle Service, the upcoming web series about life in an upscale New York City nightclub.  I had a great time, made several friends and contacts, and even got in a couple of scenes in the web series.  Whether or not I end up on the cutting room floor, I don’t know… but we shall see.

Anyhow, I just heard from Kevin Craig West, the creator of Bottle Service.  There’s a new teaser trailer online for the show, and the teaser really looks swank.

In fact, here’s the teaser for you to enjoy, courtesy of Kevin Craig West and MoBetta Films.

Now that’s something worth watching.  I cannot wait for this show to debut, whether it’s as an online web series or – just maybe – on a cable broadcast network.  We shall see.

For more information on the upcoming Bottle Service series, visit their page on Facebook.

Bottle Service: My final day of filming

Wednesday night, and I’m driving back up to Saratoga Springs to film my final scene in Bottle Service, the upcoming webseries about life in an upscale New York City nightclub.  My final scene involves me playing a paparazzo, photographing people as they enter the club.

I arrived at Mare – the shooting location – and set my camera bag down at one of the tables.  One of the actresses, a blonde ingenue named Cyndi Snyder, asked me, “Do you have good eyes?”

Well, I did get a new pair of glasses yesterday, so I said yes.

“I’m trying to find a pair of my shoes, they look like what I’m wearing now,” she said, pointing to the red high heels on her feet, “only the pair I’m looking for are black and shiny.”

I told her I would keep an eye out for them.  But in a morass of suitcases and jackets and handbags that populated the bar-turned-changing room of Mare, the black shoes didn’t turn up anywhere.  I even checked under some of the couches and benches – found a $5 bill, but nothing else.

A few minutes later, Cyndi returned to the room.

“Sorry,” I said, “I don’t think your shoes are in here.”

She nodded, then went to get something out of her suitcase.

And lo and behold – her black shoes were in the suitcase.

Oh well…

Crews were filming scenes left and right; it would be the last time Mare would be available for filming Bottle Service, and time could not be wasted.  I sat in the changing room with some of the other actors and made small talk – even added a few more people to my Facebook friends list (the list is now at my 150 maximum).

At about 9:00, Juan the director walked into the changing room and said, “Paparazzo, we need the paparazzo.”

I grabbed my Nikon D700 and went to work.

My scene involved photographing Cyndi Snyder’s character as she entered Club “It” (the name of the bar in Bottle Service), and snapping off dozens of flashes.  She would pose and wave, and then enter the club.

We did two takes with Cyndi entering the club from the chilly outdoors, as she waved and smiled at the camera.  We then did two more takes, this time with the production’s cameras focused on me taking her picture.  I guess these will be edited together later on.

After the final “cut,” I was done.  My participation in Bottle Service had concluded.  I thanked the actors and actresses, the producers and directors and AD’s and PD’s and any other D’s.  It was a fun experience, and it was a much-needed diversion from the waves of stress that had recently permeated my existence.

That, along with my appearance last year on the Glenn Slingerland Situation, means I can cross another item off the life list.

Bottle Service: Don’t mess with Justice, or you’ll deal with me!

So here’s the score.  Sunday I spent the entire day in Saratoga Springs, filming my cameo scenes at Mare for the web series / TV pilot “Bottle Service.”  I had a great time and everybody involved with the production was absolutely fantastic to work with.  In fact, I added a few Facebook friends from the event, so that was a good thing in and of itself.

As I’m leaving Sunday night, Tabitha the production assistant asks me to give her a call in the morning for a call-back – there were some other scenes that required a paparazzi photographer, and if I had the free time, I should come back for another day of filming.

Mind you, my faithful readers, I’m not doing this show to earn a SAG card or have any aspirations of becoming a Hollywood movie star or television icon.  But I have to say, working on the Bottle Service TV pilot has been an enjoyable experience, and I had Monday off – so what the hell, let’s go back up to Saratoga for another day of filming.

I arrived at Mare in Saratoga Springs – the site location for Bottle Service – at 2pm, the proper call time, and was greeted with smiles and handshakes and the like.  We chatted, we networked, we had lunch, we filmed.  Well, actually, THEY filmed, my scene wasn’t coming up for a while.

I did, however, meet up with Daniela Malave, the former Patroons Emerald dance team member and coordinator.  She introduced me to her husband Damien – very nice guy, by the way – and she and Damien filmed a scene later in the day.  As I mentioned before, Daniela was kind enough to invite me to participate in the Bottle Service production, and I appreciate that very much.

By about 930pm, the production set up a late night dance party in one of Mare’s dance floors.  Tony Mancuso, who works as a professional DJ in various Capital District clubs, went behind the booth to play the resident DJ at “Club It.”  As the scene was being assembled, a woman named Susan – she’s part of the show, I think she’s involved in casting – came over to talk to me.

“Do you have a suit coat?” she asked.

Not knowing what was going on, I said no.  All I was hired for was to play the skeevy paparazzo, so I dressed like a skeevy paparazzo – jeans, black polo shirt.

“Don’t worry,” she said.  “We need someone to be part of the entourage for Justice.”

Okay, that just sounds like a bad super-hero comic book.  “The Entourage for Justice.”  I wonder if that means Turtle and E are wearing spandex and capes.  Oh God, now there’s an image I’ll never get out of my skull.

“No,” Susan said.  “Justice is one of the characters in Bottle Service, and he needs an entourage.  We need one more person to be in his entourage.  And you look like someone that doesn’t take crap from anyone.  You could be his bodyguard.”

Hmm… doesn’t take any crap from anyone.  They must know about my dealings with Rocky Mountain Film Lab.  Hee.

With no suit coat nearby, the guy playing Justice – actor Jason Taylor – handed me his peacoat.  I put it on.  It fit perfectly.

But I asked Susan, “I’ve been filmed already yesterday.  Won’t it look odd if the viewers see the same person in two different roles?”

“Take off your glasses,” she said.

I did as was told.  Now mind you, I can see without my glasses – not very well, but enough to the point where I can move around without bumping into walls.

“Okay, now go in the bathroom and wet your hair down.”

Not a problem… I exited from the bathroom, my hair slicked back.  Susan took some hairspray and spritzed my wet locks down.

After a couple of dry rehearsal runs for blocking purposes, the scene was filmed.  Justice and his crew, along with Justice’s girlfriend, enters Club It.  Justice and his buddies sit at the power booth.  I remain standing, looking over the area and making sure that nobody bothers my entourage boss.

I'm on the far right. Don't mess with my man Justice (third from left). Photo by Tony Mancuso. "Bottle Service" is a production of MoBetta Films, Inc.

The scene was filmed to the director’s satisfaction, and we left the set.  About 20 minutes later, Tabitha the production assistant calls us all back.  “We need Justice’s entourage back on the set.”

Okay, off with the glasses, Clark Kent.

We entered the set, and Juan the director had the four of us – Justice and his three friends – sit at the power booth.  I was told to sit next to Justice.  Some drinks were placed at the table.

“Okay,” Juan said to us, “you’re at the club, having a good time, Justice your guys need to relax, talk to them, and … action.”

With that, Justice went into an unscripted, adlibbed and totally NSFW speech, calling out any of the girls at Club It to come over and spend some quality time with him and his boys.  And for some reason, I ad-libbed as well, telling Justice that I’d bring him back a few of the girls, whichever ones he wanted.

The director filmed the scene two times, and we were done.  I wasn’t expecting to have a speaking role on the show, and for all I know the dialogue will most likely be overdubbed with music and crowd noises, to give the appearance of a packed house and a party atmosphere.  But who knows?

So now I’ve gone from quick cameo appearance to a tiny speaking role.  Better than I expected, I’ll say that for sure.  I can’t wait to see how this show turns out.

“And when the girls start kissing each other, you take their picture…”

Now THAT headline ought to get some blog hits.  🙂

But unlike others who use salacious blog headlines to drum up traffic, the headline actually happened to me.


It’s February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day, and I’m already in a bitter mood.  The only person who got me anything for Valentine’s Day was my dental practice, Mohler and Choo, D.D.S. – who gave me a reminder that I had a cleaning scheduled for that day with their dental technician, Miss Colgate – and afterwards, I was allowed to take some free toothpaste and dental floss samples home in a commemorative “Pearls Before Swine” carrying tote.

So it’s Tuesday afternoon, and my cell phone starts ringing.

I wasn’t expecting any calls.  I check the Caller ID.

It’s a call from Daniela Malave.

I remembered Daniela; she was one of the Albany Patroons’ “Emeralds” dance team.  Note to all of you – I’ve covered professional minor league basketball for years, and the Emeralds were truly the most photogenic dance team of them all.  On a scale of 1-10, there wasn’t a girl on that team that was less than an 8.5.

The last time I saw Daniela, it was 2009 and we were both trapped in a warehouse with about 200 other “car extras” as part of the film Salt.  Today, Daniela lives in New York and is working as an actress and director.  She’s currently involved in a pilot for a proposed new web series, Bottle Service (I don’t think it has anything to do with recycling), and she’s calling me now.

Jeez, I’m doing all this exposition, maybe I should pick up the phone and say hi to her.  Don’tcha think?

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