More news regarding my St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights show!

The first thing to say, without hesitation, is Thank you.

Thank you for all who attended last night’s artist’s reception at St. Agnes Cemetery’s “Living Room” art gallery as part of my second-ever art show at the venue, St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights.  It truly and personally means a lot to me, and I’m thankful to have such enthusiastic friends and blog readers attend this event.

And some of the pieces actually sold – which is also fantastic in and of itself. 😀

But I have bigger news, and now I can share it with all of you.  And it involves the St. Agnes Cemetery-themed photographs.

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Today’s the day: St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights artist reception!

I shouldn’t be worried at all.  I’ve done this before.

But honestly, I’m nervous.

Cooney Mordant Grace. Shot with Leica M3 camera, LomoChrome Purple film. (c) Chuck Miller. All rights reserved.

Today is the artist reception for new gallery show, St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights.  The event is at St. Agnes Cemetery’s “Living Room” art center at 48 Cemetery Avenue in Menands, just off Broadway.  The artist reception runs from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m., and I hope to see you there.

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Two more artworks added to Chuck’s St. Agnes Cemetery art show!

My new art show, St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights, is at St. Agnes Cemetery’s “Living Room” art center now, and runs until June 30.  A reception will be held on Friday, May 12, and I hope all of you can attend.

Now with that in mind, as the art show was set up, I received word that there was room in the gallery for two more art pieces.  I’ll drop those off tomorrow.

One of them features a comparison between a 1900’s postcard of the entranceway to St. Agnes Cemetery – and a recent photograph that captures the fall foliage one sees upon arriving at the cemetery grounds.  I believe my photo was taken at the same spot as the postcard artwork.  You will see.  You will like.

St. Agnes Cemetery walkway. Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

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St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights – new Chuck Miller art show!

Four years ago, I had my first solo photography show at the newly-renovated St. Agnes Cemetery “Living Room” art center.  It was a tremendous success, and many of my framed photos found new homes.

So when St. Agnes Cemetery historian Kelly Grimaldi asked me if I would be interested in having another art show at The Living Room, I immediately said yes.  Of course I did.

Cooney Mordant Grace. Shot with Leica M3 camera, LomoChrome Purple film. (c) Chuck Miller. All rights reserved.

Starting on May 5, 2017, and running until June 30, 2017, my new art show, “St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights,” will debut at The Living Room on the St. Agnes Cemetery grounds in Menands.  And I hope you will all be able to visit during the show’s month-long run.

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My Spectrum 8 Theater Art Show starts Wednesday, please come and see it!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since the last time I had a solo art show.  And now I’m doing it again.

Bonding. Rolleiflex Automat MX camera, Kodak EIR (“Aerochrome”) infrared film. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Starting tomorrow, and running until July 7, the Spectrum 8 theater on Delaware Avenue in Albany will host several of my art pieces in their theater lobby.  The artworks, which includes the shot above, Bonding, are designed to not only showcase what I’ve been up to in terms of photographic excursions, but also to celebrate what I’ve been able to achieve with these cameras in the past.

This is way cool, and my sincere thanks and appreciation to the staff at the Spectrum 8 theater.  Last year, I contacted the theater organizers and asked if there was room on the schedule if I was to submit pieces for consideration.  They said yes, and blocked me a time period that coincided with the summer 2015 movie season.  Yeah.

L-Ken's sign with Instamatic Sprocket Holes
L-Ken’s: Instamatic Dichotomy. AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3, Kodak Instamatic and 3M Instamatic film, rolled together and exposed simultaneously. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Some of these shots are totally abstract; others are reflective and contemplative.  For several years now, I’ve taken pictures and made my cameras do things that would, in some cases, violate their warranties.  Two rolls of film in one camera?  No big deal.  Dump the film in the wrong chemicals?  Piece of cake.

Falling Skyward 1
Falling Skyward. Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera, Svema 100 film. Photo by Chuck Miller.

And then, when the concept works – when I can get everything blended together, a quartet made from a violin, a trombone, a snare drum and a Theremin – it can turn into something greater than the original sum of its parts.

So tomorrow morning I’m hanging the pieces.  And tomorrow evening I’ll be at the Spectrum, greeting theater patrons and answering any and all questions about how each image was created.

The Zipless Chuck
The Zipless Chuck. AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3 camera, Kodak 400 film (two rolls), zipper. Photo by Chuck Miller.

I really hope I see you there Wednesday night.  And even if I don’t, I hope you have a great time at the Spectrum – see a movie there, it’s one of the best independent movie houses within a 100-mile radius – and that you enjoy these art pieces.

Three weeks to the Spectrum 8 Art Show

It doesn’t seem like the time has passed.  But last year, I made arrangements with the Spectrum 8 theater to present my artworks for a six-week exhibition in their movie lobby.

And this week, I’ve inventoried my pictures, made sure all of them are framed and matted and mounted and ready.

Ten artworks, including classics from the past, will be available for viewing and for purchase at the Spectrum 8 Theater on Delaware Avenue in Albany.  This will be my second solo art show, following 2013’s successful “A Dream in the Dash” event, and I’m psyched that this  exhibition is actually happening.

Among the artworks that can go from the cinema walls to your living room walls are:

The Zipless Chuck
The Zipless Chuck. Kodak 400 film (two rolls), shot in AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3. Zipper added afterwards. Photo by Chuck Miller.
  • Classic shots like The Lenten Meal, The AGFA Bridge Over Ansco Lake and All Hail the Yellow King!
  • New excursions like The Zipless Chuck, L-Ken’s: Instamatic Dichtomy and Lane 2.
  • One of my ultrawide photos from my Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera, Falling Skyward.

And I’m still looking toward adding one or two more pieces, depending on how things go.

Each piece has been professionally framed by my good friends at Hobby Lobby, and they did an excellent job with the works.

And I will be at the opening night, May 27, so if you have any questions about “how the heck did he make that picture?” I’m right there to proudly explain how and why and how many tries and my reaction when the picture finally came out the way I wanted.

This is coolness.  Between this, and my pieces that will be part of the Hamilton College alumni art show at Reunions ’15 (just a couple of weeks after the Spectrum 8 show premieres), things are looking up, art-wise.

The Spectrum 8 art show will run from May 27 to July 7, so if you want to see the artworks (and maybe take in a movie or two, because hey… Spectrum 8), don’t wait.

No, really.  Don’t wait.  🙂

Half of my photos are ready for the Spectrum 8 show…

I’m one of those people who prepare waaaaaaaaaay ahead of time for an event.  And with that in mind, I’ve been crafting my dozen artworks for my upcoming gallery show at the Spectrum 8 theater.

The show, which still doesn’t have a title as of yet, will feature signed and dated ready-to-display prints of some of my best artworks.  Many of these prints have either won awards in the past, or they’ve garnered significant love from you, my blog readers and friends – as in, “Chuck, can I buy one of those prints for myself?”

Well, now you can.

Heck, every time I visit Hobby Lobby to purchase new frames and mats, their head framer Laura always asks, “Is this for the art show?”

Well, in most cases it is.  I did frame up a few extra prints for gifts and such – one print (that isn’t featured here) is going to the birthday party on Wednesday as a “thank you” for all that Greg Dahlmann and Mary Darcy do with that website.

The show begins May 27th, and although there isn’t a “gala opening,” I’m sure you will find a motion picture to watch during the event.  I mean, seriously, it’s a movie theater, they’ll have something on screen.

So… any hints as to what’s going on the walls?

Okay, okay, I can at least show you one of the images… if for no other reason than to pique your interest in the show.IMG_20150324_071334

Yep, it’s The Lenten Meal, my 2013 award-winner that featured three different films – print, slide and B&W – all combined in one image of the Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry sign.  This will be one of the ten to twelve images provided for the show.

And no, it won’t be hanging on the walls with that cellophane covering… That’s just there to keep the scuffs and scratches off prior to the show.

So if you know The Lenten Meal will be part of the show, then by all means you have to come to the Spectrum and see the rest of the waycool artworks.  And maybe even purchase one or six of them off the walls.

The show – which still doesn’t have a name – will run from May 27 to July 7.  Oh man, it’s two months away and I still need to frame up another six images?  Gotta get to work… busy busy busy…

But you know what?  It’s the best kind of busy busy busy…