7 and 7 on Saturday: June 17, 2017

Hey everybody, I’m back with another “7 and 7 on Saturday,” a weekly recap of the blog posts that you will enjoy.  Trust me on this.

As the formula goes, I list seven blog posts from my old portal, the Albany Times Union, showcasing seven community and independent (non-staff) bloggers.  Then I go to my blogroll and pull out seven other posts from my friends who have written wonderful pieces this week.

I hope you enjoy.

By the way, I hear that someone by the nom de plume of Andre Le Plume has been posting blog recaps at the old Times Union portal.  That’s all well and good … but the first time Mr. Le Plume starts posting his own K-Chuck Radio shows, there’s gonna be a “come to Jesus” meeting to discuss that. 😀

So let’s get this recap started, right?

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7 and 7 on Saturday: June 10, 2017

So last Saturday I started a “7 and 7” blog recap – seven blogs from the Times Union’s community blogging team (no staffers) and seven blogs from people on my blogroll that I think you definitely should read and enjoy.

And my first run on this last week was a nice success. Lots of positive mojo.

So guess what … I’m doing it again.  These blogs deserve your attention, and I’m more than happy to set aside my blog once day a week to showcase these wonderful writers and storytellers and photographers.

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7 and 7 on Saturday: June 3, 2017


For many years, while I blogged for the Albany Times Union, I set aside one day a week from my blog to focus on sharing the posts and ideas of my fellow community and independent bloggers at the TU portal.  I did this because the Times Union spent an inordinate amount of energy promoting their staff bloggers – Kristi Gustafson Barlette, Steve Barnes’ “Table Hopping,” Shannon Fromma’s “The Shopportunist” – and completely ignoring the great talent that existed right under their noses from the community blogging team.

Trust me, even today the Times Union’s main web splash page has a section devoted to Kristi’s blog banalities, Steve Barnes’ Table Hopping “What’s closed and what’s open” recap, and maybe a section that encompasses everything else.  This is why it always amazes me that the TU feigns surprise when Kristi and Steve finish 1-2 in their annual “Best of the Capital Region” votes for best blogger … hmm…

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