K-Chuck Radio: Saturday morning rock and roll!

Listen.  I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons.  The routine was simple.  Sneak into the living room.  Grab a bowl of Froot Loops or Alpha-Bits and watch, watch, watch until some parental authority came in, turned off the television and yelled at me to go outside and play, to get some fresh air and not sit in front of the idiot box.

Ah, 1970’s parenting skills.

But over the years, I’ve noticed something really intriguing – at one time or another, several rock bands have added a Saturday morning TV theme to their catalog.  Sometimes it’s part of a tie-in with a movie, other times it’s associated with a charity fundraiser.  I don’t care how it’s created … all I care about is that it’s fun.

So let’s start this episode of K-Chuck Radio with …

THE BC-52’s
Meet The Flintstones

Hey wait a second … is that Fred Schneider?  Is that Kate Pierson?  Yeah, it really IS the B-52’s!!  Surprisingly, we never got to hear the group’s follow-up track, “Bedrock Lobster.”  Ha.

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The Return of the Ugly Fish

“I have good news for you, Mr. Miller.”

This came from Dr. Templar, my retinal specialist yesterday.  For those of you who have been following my latest health concerns and issues, you know that I am currently suffering from massive hemorrhages in the blood vessels in my eyes, and to reduce the swelling in those tiny capillaries, I must undergo several medicinal injections straight into my eyeballs.

Yeah, I know you just winced at me.  Trust me, I winced when I read that paragraph out loud.

“After your initial injections, the swelling inside your eyes has reduced significantly.”

Well, that is good news, Doctor.

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A Delivery from Norman’s Kill Dairy (Conclusion)

Update.  For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on turning an old wooden milk crate into a piece of waycool hanging art.  I removed the oak slats from the crate, sanded them down to bring out the grain in the planks, and stained the edges of the planks with black stain.

Here’s where we are at now.

Now I’m not going to leave this bare wood just sitting there and aging.  That’s not part of the project.  I need to make this thing look awesome.

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A Delivery from Norman’s Kill Dairy (Part Two)

If by chance you followed my previous blog post … I acquired a vintage milk crate from the old Norman’s Kill Dairy, a historic Albany creamery.  Rather than just keep an old milk crate around – even though old retro wooden milk crates are kinda cool – I took some of the oak slats out of the crate, with plans to re-purpose them into a new artwork.  In the previous post, I removed the slats from their metal reinforced milk crate ribs, and I palm-sanded the front of each slat to expose the wooden interior.

Now for the fun part.

I need some more wood.  And by “need some more wood,” I have to apply the slats to some sort of wooden substrate backing.  Ergo … a trip to Silver Fox Salvage.

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The Stir Crazy Gang: Wanted – Dead or Alive

Last year, I had a tremendous amount of fun as a member of the Stir Crazy trivia team.  We competed in the World Tavern Trivia national championships in Atlantic City, and out of over three dozen teams, we came in second place overall.  That was seventeen levels of awesome.

This year, I’m joining the Stir Crazy squad again, as we compete in the third annual World Tavern Trivia National Championships.  Once again, we’re heading to Atlantic City for the April 30-May 1 two-day event.  And once again … there’s a theme for the competition.

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St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights – new Chuck Miller art show!

Four years ago, I had my first solo photography show at the newly-renovated St. Agnes Cemetery “Living Room” art center.  It was a tremendous success, and many of my framed photos found new homes.

So when St. Agnes Cemetery historian Kelly Grimaldi asked me if I would be interested in having another art show at The Living Room, I immediately said yes.  Of course I did.

Cooney Mordant Grace. Shot with Leica M3 camera, LomoChrome Purple film. (c) Chuck Miller. All rights reserved.

Starting on May 5, 2017, and running until June 30, 2017, my new art show, “St. Agnes Cemetery and Other Beautiful Sights,” will debut at The Living Room on the St. Agnes Cemetery grounds in Menands.  And I hope you will all be able to visit during the show’s month-long run.

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Week 3 of the Graney’s Stout 2017 Spring Trivia League

Little by little, I think I’m getting the hang of this new competitive team trivia format.  It’s not easy … but I’m understanding it.

While the original “Trivia Nights Live” trivia format had 20 questions with varying point levels, along with multiple-answer bonus questions, this new format features a music round (two points to name the artist, two points to name the song), a “huddle round” (five answers to one question, with a possible 25 points on the line), and a difficult movie round (see the still, name the film – a great area for me to dump off my two “skip the answer” options). Continue reading “Week 3 of the Graney’s Stout 2017 Spring Trivia League”