The GLF Embroidery Project, Part 1

So I’ve been working on my “Trout Potatoes” burlap sack embroidery project for a while.  And I’ve discovered some things in my creation of same.

And in those discoveries, I’ve realized that if I do this project again, I have to make this work more effectively.  In fact, I’m putting aside my plan to stitch this burlap bag into something compelling …

Thus begins a new art project … with a different burlap sack … this time involving the initials GLF.

I shall explain.

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Really classy move, WPYX…

I was in broadcast radio for several years – first in college radio, then for a while at Schenectady radio station 3WD.  And yeah, there are times when you accidentally play the wrong song or read the wrong public service announcement – i.e., a public service announcement about offering support for the blind, followed immediately by a Ray Charles song.  Oops.

And I’ve chronicled when local radio stations go beyond and below the levels of common decency and good taste … in fact, I’ve called WFLY 92.3 to task years ago about their parody song three years ago about calling Albany a location for “haji-marts,” a crass pejorative and racist comment that stereotypes owners of mom-and-pop convenience stores as Middle Eastern immigrants.

But there are things I’ve learned since then.  The local radio stations don’t give a shit about what offending people.  All they care about is ratings.  Ratings drive the sponsorship engines.  And as long as those Arbitron or Birch numbers are nice and high … and they don’t mention any of the seven words that George Carlin says you can’t mention on television any more … they are in the clear.

Which leads us to yesterday’s WPYX morning broadcast.

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On the other side of the camera, for a change.

I could sit here and take selfies all year if I wanted to.  But for a change, I wanted to have someone else take my picture.  You know … head shots and environmental portraits and all.

So when my friend Melissa Simser-Iovino was offering a “Cyber Monday” sale at her photo website Melissa Simser Photography, I figured I’d try it out.  We set up an appointment at the harness track (she’s the house photographer there).

“Bring lots of your cameras,” she said to me, “I know you’re a camera guy.”

Well, yeah, I could bring LOTS of cameras, but I also know that bringing cameras into a harness track – that has an adjoining casino, where cameras are frowned upon unless they’re hanging from the ceiling and recording your every move – might be overkill.

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I’m not wearing THESE outside today…

I know it’s been a while, but yesterday I decided to purchase something special for myself.

Unfortunately, any plans of wearing this item outside today will have to wait.

Let me explain.

Before my foot injury last year, I had thought of purchasing some “wicked good” moccasins from L.L. Bean’s retail store in Colonie Center.

Would you look at that?  Doesn’t it look super-comfortable?

Yeah, but a broken foot will keep you from walking around in such comfort.

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7 and 7 on Saturday, December 9, 2017

It’s morning in America … oh wait, that’s the old political campaign slogan from 30+ years ago.  Sorry.  Bear with me.  I just woke up.

But first thing on the plate – I need to share with you the stellar writing and thoughts of my fellow bloggers and writers and literatists.  And with that, let’s first check out seven blogs from the community bloggers at the Albany Times Union, and then seven blogs from my personal blogroll.

And the n after that, I’ll go get a cup of coffee.

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So that’s what those Adirondack High Peaks are…

Earlier this year, I hiked through the Adirondacks on my way to the Boreas Ponds, and its breathtaking view of the Adirondack High Peaks in the distance.

You know … this photo.

The Adirondack High Peaks from the Boreas Ponds. Nikon Df camera, Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

This is a great photo … certainly a shoe-in for Competition Season 2018.  Look at that mirror-glass water.  That subtle color change of the trees.  Those High Peaks in the distance …

Which are …


Little help…

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Week 6 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

Okay, I’m ready for Wednesday’s trivia event.  I’m going to arrive in plenty of time, I’m going to get some food to eat when I’m playing, and I’m planning on running the table.

Got to Rivers Casino in plenty of time.

Ordered some food.

And when I arrived at the Van Slyck Restaurant, home of the Wednesday night trivia game hosted by Damon…

It wasn’t hosted by Damon this week.

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