Eggy’s Place is open… spring is here!

It’s a small little food truck that’s tucked onto an industrial street in the warehouse district.

And if I’m in a rotten mood in the morning, I can go there, get an egg sandwich with bacon, and the world is a much better place.

And if I’m in a great mood in the morning, i can go there, get an egg sandwich with bacon, and the world is a much better place.

Last Monday, the breakfast / lunch food truck known as Eggy’s Place opened for the season.  Yep, I ordered an egg sandwich – two fried eggs, cheese and bacon on a Kaiser roll, salt and pepper to taste, and a can of diet cola from the little blue cooler.  And while the chef – known as “Eggy” but his real name is something else – makes your morning meal, he whistles and sings and offers words of wisdom.

And while Eggy is making my morning breakfast, he’ll start whistling and singing as the egg cooks on the stove.  He’ll also talk about whatever’s on his mind – including the time he told me that if he could ever find the graffiti artists who tag up the neighboring Central Warehouse on a regular basis, he would most assuredly pay them $350 to tag Central Warehouse with a big “Eat Breakfast at Eggy’s Place” spraypainted advert.

You can get your egg sandwich with any sort of meats – bacon, sausage, bologna, pulled pork – and if you’re still hungry by noon, Eggy offers various fried lunches.

Trust me – Eggy’s sandwiches are a great way to start the day.  Especially with a dose of salt and pepper on that bacon-and-egg sandwich.  Arguably, it’s one of the best egg sandwiches in the Capital District.

And it’s a sure sign that spring has arrived.  Yes indeed.