Chuck is a prophet… another ghost sign torn down in Schenectady…

Over the past few years, Schenectady County residents have seen several buildings get demolished.  And while old buildings get torn down every day (I sometimes wonder if the “state bird” of the Capital District is the wrecking crane), it still deeply saddens me that many of these structures, when they’re torn down, also destroy the vintage “ghost sign” brickface ads that were painted on the building sides.

Last year, demolition crews in Schenectady kocked down the old Olender Furniture building … and right next to that building, on the adjacent Nicholaus Building at the intersection of State Street and Erie Boulevard … was a ghost sign.

Une Bis (Uneeda Biscuit) sign, B&W, Schenectady, N.Y.
Une Bis ghost sign. Photographed with Nikon Df camera, Vivitar 19mm f/3.8 lens, 6400 ISO, 1/8 second. (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Now here’s the thing.  Last March, I drove over and photographed the ghost sign in the middle of a gloomy night.  Even blogged about it.  And you know what I wrote in the blog that day, way back in March of 2016?

Do you people not understand that I’m trying to take a picture of a ghost sign that will probably go back to ghostiness a year from now, as soon as someone builds some office complex or apartment complex or some other complex on State Street…

Damn, I’m nothing if not prophetic… but I was thinking that the ghost sign brickface advert would be covered up by a new building, not that the existing building would get demolished as well…

Let me repeat.  Damn.

So in the past few years, Schenectady County has lost three Uneeda Biscuit signs, as well as the Coca-Cola sign on Harrison Street when THAT building was demolished…

Ponderous.  Simply ponderous.

Oh well, I guess when they get around to constructing a new office complex or pharmacy or some soul-sucking edifice by 2018…

Guess it won’t matter at that point in time.


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