Should I get a Netflix subscription for Christmas?

I know, I know.  Everybody in the whole world has a Netflix subscription.  I get it.  And I don’t have one.  I get that, too.

Part of the reason why I haven’t acquired a Netflix subscription is because, well, I’ve always thought that there were already plenty of shows I could watch that didn’t require me to sign up for a non-cable, a la carte streaming service.  I can currently watch all my regular network favorites – comedies like The Big Bang Theory and Son of Zorn and The Good Place; dramas like Empire and Pitch and Timeless; and reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen – all through my cable subscription.

And I can watch my favorite cable shows in the same format.  Oh look, there’s a new episode of Bar Rescue, where Jon Taffer is screaming at some bar owner whose tavern is twenty levels below acceptable health department operations… oh wait, it’s a new episode of Gold Rush, where Parker Schnabel finds gold in an area that nobody else will mine, yeah, it’s that episode… oh wait, that’s all the episodes.

A couple of years ago, I added an a la carte HBO service, subscribing to the channel and paying for it directly, without having to pay for it through Time Warner Cable.  The decision was a wise choice; I can now watch virtually every HBO television show ever made, present or past, any time I want.  Westworld, Game of Thrones, True Detective – good choices.

But now comes the big decision.  Should I jump in and get a Netflix account?  I can purchase one and watch Netflix shows through my Apple TV account, and I’m more and more inclined to do so.

So I ask you, my trusted blog readers.  If I do get a Netflix account, if I was able to talk about the same Netflix shows as everybody else – what Netflix programs would make getting a subscription to the streaming channel worthwhile?

In other words, should I get it for shows like Stranger Things or Orange Is The New Black or the Marvel TV shows?  Or are there other Netflix shows that are definitely worth the time?  Does the channel have back episodes of other cable dramas like Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead, so that I can go on Facebook and post “don’t tell me what’s happening” spoilers like all the other Walking Dead fans?

In other words, blog readers, give me a reason why you watch Netflix.  Give me a show that will make a Netflix subscription worth acquiring.

Right down there in the comments page.  Give me a reason.  A good one.

In other words, convince me that getting a Netflix account would be a great Christmas present from me to me.  😀


5 thoughts on “Should I get a Netflix subscription for Christmas?”

  1. I have a few favorites. Borgia, a pseudo Netflix Original series. Not “The Borgias”… just Borgia, a 3 season tv series. I also enjoy House of Cards, for the same reason… I enjoy political intrigue. Also, the BBC/PBS version of Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch. And The West Wing. And Cheers.

    Other than that, I watched Dr Who. However, I think that has rotated out. Amazon Prime has picked it up.

    There are also a lot of documentaries that i have enjoyed… oddballs that I wouldn’t have thought I would enjoy. I am sure there are a few that you would enjoy. And there is always a rotation, so new things come in, old things leave.

    I don’t know how much of what you are regularly seeing already without Netfix is actually on Netflix. I tend to think that Netflix would be more beneficial if you wanted to see shows/movies that aren’t on tv right now. I hear there is a Reddit page that lists all the current Netflix showings.

    For me, it is worth it. I have coupled it with Amazon Prime, so I have quite a bit of choices between them.


  2. We have Netflix streaming and disc delivery. We stream a good amount, usually older shows – The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock. There aren’t as many classic movies as I’d like available to stream, so hence the disc option. Unfortunately, many of the classics are not available either.

    So – I think we get good, not great value for our $18 per month.


  3. Here’s my top 7 reasons to own Netflix:
    1. Netflix created series — OITB, HoC, Jessica Jones, DareDevil, The Get Down, Stranger Things to name a few.
    2. That ol’ BlockBuster – I’m in the mood for something old and different but I don’t know what it is so I’m going to wander aimlessly around the store for 45 minutes until I find it.
    3. Yes, they have some of the best series — Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Lost, Dexter and Twin Peaks if you want to catch up on shows you never saw before.
    4. Kids coming over? Endless content for them to watch — some of it is even educational!
    5. Impressive array of documentaries.
    6. Random classical movies.
    7. Want to know whatever happened to Kimmie Gibler? Wonder no more!


  4. I’ve enjoyed Peaky Blinders, Broadchurch and The Fall on Netflix. Making A Murderer is also very interesting. Last year my husband binged Breaking Bad and Narcos while recovering from foot surgery. It probably kept him from going crazy when he couldn’t leave the house. There’s a lot of good stuff on Netflix, so I say go for it!


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