Play-by-play radio announcer calls epic “idiot on the field” broadcast

So last night, I watched the Pittsburgh Steelers completely dismantle the Washington Redskins 38-16.  After that exciting game was a veritable snoozefest match, as the San Francisco 49ers pulverized the Los Angeles Rams 28-0.

About the only exciting thing about that late-night matchup occurred during the fourth quarter, with the 49ers up 21-0, a red-shirted idiot sprinted onto the field.  As is customary for network television covering sporting events, the cameras immediately photographed something else rather than give this clown any more than the allotted 15 seconds of fame.

That being said, though… the radio call of this idiot running around the football field like he thought he was the second coming of Jerry Rice is epic.  Kevin Harlan called the game for Westwood One Radio, and when you’re a radio broadcaster, you tell the fans EVERYTHING that’s going on at the stadium.  They can’t see it, it’s the broadcaster’s duties to help the fans see in their minds what’s happening.

So while most people were watching the Monday Night Football game on TV, radio audiences heard broadcaster Kevin Harlan give an awesome play-by-play coverage of a clown who ran onto the gridiron and was eventually tackled by security and hauled away.  Listen to this clip.  Harlan’s call is ten levels of awesome.

If you don’t have time to hear the full call, here’s a transcript.

“Hey, somebody has run onto the field!  Some goofball in a hat and a red shirt, now he takes off the shirt!  He’s running down the middle, by the 50!  He’s at the 30!  He’s bare-chested, banging his chest – and he runs the opposite way!  He runs to the 50!  He runs to the 40!  The guy is drunk!  But there he goes!  The 20!  They’re chasing him!  They’re not going to get him!  Waving his arms, bare chested, somebody stop that man!  They tackle him at the 40-yard line!!  That was the most exciting thing to happen tonight!  … Look at the police, they’ve surrounded this man like he’s – like he’s just robbed a bank!  … I hope it was worth it, my friend, because you’ve got a night in the clink coming up!”

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the only “idiot” to try to crash through prime-time television on a live broadcast from California.

Maybe he was buddy-buddy with those two track stars who tried to bum-rush Ryan Lochte on Dancing With The Stars last night.




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  1. Kinda the same thing happened at a Patriots game at the old Schaefer Stadium – mid-’70s. I was one of the kids selling beer there (Yup, 13 year olds selling trays of beer – it paid for hockey). Since it was Schaefer beer, I knew, even at 13, to hold out for a better brew.

    Drunk Guy runs on the field, makes a 30 yard sprint toward the visiting team’s huddle. Since I think all the security guards were 16 years old, Sugar Bear Hamilton intercepts with a flying tackle, eliminating all oxygen from the guy’s lungs, maybe some fluids and solids from other areas. Completely motionless after the tackle, two security guards drag the guy off the field and the game goes on. Sugar Bear got a big cheer from the crowd.


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