The Vision Board Airlift

A good friend of mine from my college days is currently working with at-risk youth in the education field.  She posted a Facebook message asking for any and all age-appropriate magazines, the contents of which will be used to help create vision boards and dream boards for her students.

If you’ve created vision boards, you know how important they are as a motivational and inspirational tool.  They contain pictures and affirmations that help motivate you every time you look at the artwork.  They become your cheering section, your fanbase, your positive note in a world of negativity.

And for my friend to help share this vision board concept with students who are most at risk of falling into the trap of negativity and impossibility… these vision boards can help refocus a young person’s life in a more positive direction.

When I received the request, I thought about what that meant.  To never give up.  To always find the best when the worst surrounds you.  To take the random scraps in the kitchen cupboard and create a meal that would make Gordon Ramsay applaud.

To never settle for just good enough.

Hmm… that sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 😀

So this morning, I boxed up 25 old issues of Popular Photography magazine in a Priority Mail shipping box, and dropped the package off in the morning mail.

This is important.  You try to make the world a better place than it was when you arrived on this planet.  And what she’s doing with those students … her actions will certainly help plant the seeds of achievement and dedication and motivation in those young men and women.

That’s amazing.  And inspiring.  She’s doing for those kids what my teachers did for me in my darkest, most helpless moments.

And if the magazines that are gathering dust on my bookshelf can help her out in this project… then let it happen.

I boxed up 25 old Popular Photography magazines in a flat-rate mailing box.  Oh wait… there’s still room inside.

And with that in mind, I put one more thing in the box for my friend.

XYZ; or, The Zipless Chuck
The Zipless Chuck. Kodak 400 film (two rolls) in AGFA Clipper Special f/6.9 camera. Zipper added later. Photo by Chuck Miller.


It was a framed copy of one of my photos, The Zipless Chuck.

This was a picture that inspired me, when my splitfilm project was at a low ebb, to continue working on the concept and making it stronger.  And I hope she finds a good place in her home to add this little artwork.

Once again, let me say this.

We get one chance in this life to make things better.  We have one opportunity to leave the world a better place than when we found it.  And whatever we can do to help those in need, to help those who struggle, to make a better life for themselves and to carry on that journey…

That’s truly inspiring in and of itself.



One thought on “The Vision Board Airlift”

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