Caption Time: What a sale!

The other day, I visited my local Stewart’s for some beverages and munchies.  At the time, Stewart’s was engaged in one of their ice cream pint sales, and the store’s front door was decorated in a cute painted advertisement for the sale.

It was then that I noticed…


You’ll notice it as well.


So based on this “sale” that Stewart’s is offering… what other kinds of “sales” could make sense as a caption for this photo?

Keep it funny, but keep it clean.  Or, to put it in a more cohesive manner, keep it cleaner than the average Stewart’s bathroom. 😀

Let me hear your best captions, blog readers!


4 thoughts on “Caption Time: What a sale!”

  1. I have nothing to offer, but on a related theme, I received an offer from SiriusXM in the mail last week – 5 months service for $19.99 per month, after which the price will revert to the regular rate of $15.99 per month. I read this entire thing, even the fine print, and could not find any different math anywhere! How could anyone pass up a deal like this?


    1. If you call SiriusXM you should be able to get service for $8 per month, with minimal effort.
      Regarding Stewarts, the answer is simple. Buy two pints in separate transactions and you will save that whopping $0.02, not to mention having fun explaining it to the clerk.


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