The Pier at St. Augustine Beach

During my Florida vacation, I took some time to visit the beaches of the Palm Coast area.  Yes, the temperature was hovering at 100 degrees.  Yes, it was a brilliant, sunny day every time I went out to shoot.

And of course, the minute you walk onto a beach while carrying any sort of camera, there’s always someone who will walk up to you, hand you their cell phone, and say, “Mister, would you please take a picture of us?”


By the way, if you’re keeping score, I took “photos” using twelve iPhones, seven Samsungs, and maybe an HTC.  Nobody had a BlackBerry but me.

Their loss.  Hee.

At this point in time, I’m wandering upon the soft sand along St. Augustine Beach, and I’m collecting free souvenirs – little seashells that washed up upon the shore.  Hey, you never know if any of them will end up in an art project…

And as I walked along the shore, I gravitated toward a very long fishing pier.  I took some pictures on the pier … and then took a few pictures under the pier.

Another group of people walk up to me.  “Mister, can you please take our picture?”

Okay, you little Kardashians, pose here … wait, there’s a better location near the pier.  Stand here … say cheese … got it, here’s your iPhone back.


As they left, I pulled my BlackBerry PRIV out of my pocket and took a few photos.  Not of them, but of the water flowing under the old pier.

And when I returned to the 518, I processed one of the photos with my computer software equipment …


The Pier at St. Augustine Beach. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone. Photo by Chuck Miller.
The Pier at St. Augustine Beach. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Oh my sweet Lord.  The processing enhanced the color of the pier’s stanchions.  You can see the detail of the barnacles and seashells attached to the stanchions’ waterline.

I like this.

I really like this.

But do I “like this” enough to enter it in competition?

And the only hesitation I have is …

For someone who’s worked with film cameras and DSLRs…

This photo came from my cell phone.

Now granted, my BlackBerry PRIV has an awesome camera attached to it.

But … but … this came out of it.

And last April, I took a spectacular photo of Niagara Falls with my BlackBerry PRIV, and I’m still debating whether or not to enter that photo in competition.  So there’s that.

But I’ve got so many different Niagara Falls photos, and I can enter one – or two – or three – in competition season 2016.  And I can go to Niagara Falls any time I choose.

And this St. Augustine pier shot.  Oh my…

Help me out here, blog readers.  Is this picture “competition season” worthy?  Even if it came out of my BlackBerry?

And let me know soon … because if I do enter this photo for Competition Season 2016… I’ll need to process it soon.


7 thoughts on “The Pier at St. Augustine Beach”

  1. Unusual shot, so I vote to enter it rather than a Niagara Falls picture. I think it’s awesome. But, I am biased and will defer to those better qualified to give you an opinion.


  2. Yes! I love the photo of the water under the pier with the enhancement. I think it’s worthy.
    And I’m glad you made it home in one piece. Can’t wait to see what the next vehicle will be and what it will be named 🙂


  3. This certainly looks competition-worthy, in my opinion. Does it matter that it was taken with your Blackberry? I admit I don’t know the competition rules.


  4. Chuck, I LOVE this one! It’s seriously one of new my favorite photos of yours. I love the color and the texture on the pier in contrast to the water. Or something. I can’t put my finger on it. That said, isn’t there a cell phone category for some of these competitions?


  5. Looks like you should gather up some of your favorite photos that have been living in limbo. Take a chance, Chuck!


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