Uber reaches agreement to come to Albany! (APRIL FOOL’S DAY)

It’s a moment that many in the Capital District have dreamed would come true.  For years, local residents have clamored for the ride-sharing service Uber to come to Albany.

Now, they get their dream come true.

Uber has worked out a partnership deal to begin service in the Capital District immediately.  “We are pleased to bring our ride-sharing service to the Albany Schenectady Troy area,” said Uber spokesperson Connie Morgan at a recent press conference.  “We understand that there have been regulations in place regarding ride sharing and our service, but we have worked out a partnership deal so that Uber can now be part of the Capital District, starting immediately.”

Uber has set up an arrangement with three major Albany-based livery services in ride-sharing partnership.  The organizations – Albany Taxi, Capital City Taxi and Capitaland Taxi – will offer riders the Uber experience, while still maintaining their independence and autonomy.

“All a customer has to do is use their cell phone and call our companies,” said newly-appointed Albany City Livery Commissioner Pikov Andropov.  “Our clean, friendly taxicabs will arrive at the location of the customer, and our courteous, respectful drivers will take them from here to there.  We’ll even give them a free water bottle.”

The partnership will have an Uber surcharge of $4 per ride, which is part of the partnership agreement between Uber and the Livery Commission.  “We have to make this work for the customers,” said Andropov.  “We’ve heard from those who want Uber here, but they don’t want to give up the superior service and experience of riding in our fine, well-maintained Albany taxicabs.”

The service starts today with a special promotion; the $4 service fee will be reduced to $2 for the first 24 hours.  “We wanted to waive the fee entirely,” said Morgan, “but we needed to keep it in place, due to the rising cost of April fuel.”

For more on Uber arriving in Albany, please visit this link.


14 thoughts on “Uber reaches agreement to come to Albany! (APRIL FOOL’S DAY)”

  1. Chuck failed to report the important part of the story… all potential riders must wear a GPS ankle bracelet at all times so the drivers know where they are. It’s for safety.


  2. Of course it’s a joke:

    ““All a customer has to do is use their cell phone and call our companies,” said newly-appointed Albany City Livery Commissioner Pikov Andropov. ”

    First, that’s not uber, it’s the exact way things are done now. Second, Pikov Andropov would never leave his job as the Car Talk chauffeur.


  3. I would be more than happy to give up your lousy, gross, high mileage taxi cabs. And so would everyone else I know. Leave it to Albany to hit Uber users with a nonsense surcharge and leave us stuck with these bums.

    And leave it to the Albany taxi mafia to complain about fuel prices. Unbelievable.


    1. and leave it to you to miss the April Fool’s joke.

      as mentioned earlier, Pikov Andropov would never leave his world renowned position as the Car Talk chauffeur.


  4. I wish this wasn’t an April Fool. I could really use a newer vehicle, but I don’t want to stretch the family budget that tight. If I could drive for Uber a couple evenings a week, that would offset a good bit of the car payment, if not all of it. Given the truly awful customer ratings of the local cab companies, I think Uber would get a LOT of business, and force the cab companies to up their game if they want to compete. Unfortunately, “economic freedom” is not a language spoken in the People’s Republic of New York.


    1. Your business acumen is as dull as your trite insult about NY. If you think it’s so terrible here in NY, you’re 100% free to move!

      Here’s a lesson for you: Uber won’t come to Albany because there isn’t enough business to make it work. This is not a city with cabs cruising around waiting for people to hail them down. This is a place where the cabbies are dispatched upon demand. In a large city like NYC, there are good odds that a cabbie/Uber driver will be cruising close to where customers are and can get to them quickly. That’s not going to happen here, there simply isn’t the population density or demand for cabs.


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