Homophobic, Anti-Semitic vulgarities at Massachusetts high school basketball game

This is classless.  It’s offensive and it’s vulgar and both schools should be ashamed of their students’ actions.

Follow me on this.

Last Friday, Newton North High School played Catholic Memorial in a Massachusetts high school basketball tournament game.  Catholic Memorial won the game 77-73, but the game itself was marred by the fan sections for both schools shouting taunts at each other.

For background, I should mention that Newton North High School has a robust Jewish enrollment.  Catholic Memorial is an all-boys’ parochial school.

So during the game, as the competition on the court got more and more intense, the fan sections for both teams thought they’d get in a few chants of their own.

The Newton North section chanted “Sausage fest! Sausage fest!” at the Catholic Memorial students.

The response from the Catholic Memorial student section?  “You killed Jesus! You killed Jesus!!

That’s right.  The Newton North students used a homophobic slur on the Catholic Memorial students, who turned around and blurted an Anti-Semitic slur right back.


Since then, Catholic Memorial has apologized for the actions of their students.

My feeling?  Both schools should apologize, not only to each other, but to the communities at large.  Because, honestly, the reference to “sausage fest” is a nasty implication of what might be going on at an all-boys’ high school.


Honestly, you have two examples of hate speech going on here.  Anti-Semitic jeers and homophobic taunts at a high school basketball contest?  Really?  This is what we’ve devolved into?  And although the deicide chants from Catholic Memorial are vulgar and offensive, so too were the reprehensible taunts from Newton North.

Every time I think we’ve evolved as humans, stuff like this just makes me want to bang my head against a stone wall.



2 thoughts on “Homophobic, Anti-Semitic vulgarities at Massachusetts high school basketball game”

  1. Absolutely classless, vulgar and abhorrent, but before you go too far down the road to some suspicion of an indication of deep-seeded, repressed “hate-Speech”, you might tale a detour towards, apparently unsupervised, uncontrolled behavior by a gathering of High School students governed by irrational emotion that rarely produces any reasoned consideration about what is being said, or unfortunately more often acted upon.

    Rather than overreact to the subject matter selected, you might consider that teenagers ALWAYS know where the “low hanging fruit” is located and in many instances that may be all they’re able to reach for. Better to consistently define, explain and consistently remind what is unacceptable, and why, which covers any number of topics and subjects.

    This is the type regrettable behavior that can EASILY be avoided by simply having the proper level of supervision in place to stop any such activity the instant it surfaces. It certainly would be a helpful suggestion, that if all these young individuals had been long aware, and consistently reminded, that any such behavior in this type of gathering is totally unacceptable and will be subject to severe consequences, which will be consistently enforced, might have helped avoid anything like this happening.

    If you are one of those who presume our young can, or should, define their own standards without appropriate guidance and structure, you’ll likely be at times severely disappointed with the results.


  2. Is “Sausage Fest” really homophobic? If anything it’s pretty benign. Referencing a lack of girls – by chanting “Sausage Fest” is pretty tame. Of all the things they could have said, this is not really as bad as you make it out to be.

    Now the comeback by Catholic Memorial isn’t really up for debate. That’s pretty bad.


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