The return of Speedy Gonzales?

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Part of me wants to cheer that a long-forgotten Warner Bros. cartoon character will finally get their turn in the movie spotlight.  And part of me realizes that there’s a reason this character has disappeared for decades.


The website Nerdist has reported that Warner Bros. may be developing a new cartoon featuring the character Speedy Gonzales – you know, “the fastest mouse in all Mexico.”

You know… this guy.

Yeah.  That cartoon clip above pretty much speaks for itself.

The early Speedy Gonzales cartoons of the 1950’s and early 1960’s were packed with denigrating Hispanic stereotypes.  Certainly one could argue that at the time these cartoons were originally made, this kind of humor was rampant.  Hell, even Pat Boone, one of the most popular singers of the 1950’s, actually got away with recording a Top 40 hit based on the titular character.



As you can imagine, the Speedy Gonzales cartoons haven’t aged very well.  And just like several other cartoons in the Warner Bros. catalog that featured offensive racial stereotypes, the Speedy Gonzales cartoons have disappeared from reruns.  Let’s face it.  What was considered humorous generations ago is now kinda cringe-worthy, with Speedy talking in broken Spanglish and living in adobe-constructed neighborhoods full of siesta-takers and drunks and woman-chasers…

I’m just not sure how a resurrected Speedy Gonzales motion picture would fare.

Maybe, however, if they give Speedy a sidekick… you know, like Slowpoke Rodriguez, the slowest mouse in all Mexico…

So let me ask you, my dear blog readers.  Would you want to see a brand new Speedy Gonzales cartoon, or are you thinking that Speedy should just run off to the sunset?


4 thoughts on “The return of Speedy Gonzales?”

  1. What about the stereotypical portrayals of Pepe LePew or the ignorant redneck Yosemite Sam?

    Yes, I agree, the stereotypical portrayal of Speedy is cringe worthy – in speech and clothing and the perpetually impoverish surroundings – however at the core of Speedy is someone who is also portrayed as smarter and kinder than those around him. A courageous and righteous little dude who stands up to bullies and seeks to right wrongs. Frankly, those are qualities I wouldn’t mind be stereotyped with myself, and ones that more of us should have – albeit without the outdated stereotypes. Not sure a movie is warranted for the character however.

    I’d love to see Speedy foil the machinations of certain presidential candidates!


    1. The speedy character was featured as a regular character on the Looney Tunes show (2011-2014) which I actually did watch (I love cartoons!) so he didn’t disappear entirely…


  2. Personally . . . I would LOVE to see a cable cartoon channel that shows ALL of the cartoons from the 50’s and 60’s, 24/7! Even the risqué Betty Bop! They contained two different types of humor, one for children and the other for adults . . . all wrapped up into one. I grew up on those cartoons, and they did not poison my mind, I still respect other races. The channel that shows the older cartoons would have to come with a warning . . . Those who are thin skinned, politically correct, or under 18 years old should not watch. A new Speedy Gonzales with today’s cartoon standards would NOT be humorous. Leave Speedy alone, and let me remember him as he was.


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