Hey “Geeks Who Drink,” thanks for the slap in the face

Three months ago, the trivia company Geeks Who Drink offered a solicitation in the reddit form r/albany, asking for people who might be interested in hosting games for their company.

A bit of background.  Geeks Who Drink hosts trivia games nationwide, and they even have a cable television show.  And even though I have a love-hate relationship with reddit, I saw the application in the subreddit, and I thought to myself… “I should check this out.”

And I did.  Geeks Who Drink host a Sunday night game at Lionheart Pub, so I went there one Sunday evening and watched / played the game.  Heck, I’ve played all the Capital District’s other trivia competitions – everything from the top games (Kevin Baker’s “Trivia Nights Live”) to the okay games (Memorama) to the “I still have a grudge” games (Catch the Mania).  But I hadn’t tried the “Geeks Who Drink” games… it intrigued me.

Geeks Who Drink’s format is interactive – there are audio questions, there are spoken-word questions, there are identification questions on photocopied sheets.  There were some good moments to the game, and some moments that would take some time to get used to.

Afterward, I spoke with the host and a couple of Geeks Who Drink regular players, and it actually piqued my interest.  Heck, I’ve been playing competitive team trivia for ten years now, why not move into the hosting realm?  Plus, $50/game and a $25 bar tab is a nice enticement.  $25/bar tab, how many diet colas can I consume from that? 😀

The next day, I filled out the online application and sent it off to Geeks Who Drink.  Figured I’d hear back from them in a few days.

Nothing.  Not even a “we’ll keep your resume on file” response.  Nada.  Bubkus.

Okay, maybe they have enough hosts.  Maybe I was one application too late.  Besides, every other bar and tavern in the Capital District has a trivia game, maybe all the slots are full.

That was until yesterday, when I went back on the subreddit r/albany…

And found this post.  Yep… they’re asking for trivia hosts in Albany again.

So three months after I sent an application to host … and never heard back from them … they’re asking again for possible hosts in the Albany area?  What, they saw an application with my name on it and did a Whitney Houston “Oh hell no!” spit take?

Face, meet slap.

And I say this because, heck, I would be more than happy to host a trivia game in the Capital District.  So would a lot of trivia players – because if I’m hosting trivia games, I would be precluded from playing trivia games (you know, conflict of interest and “he might already have the answers” thing).

Three months ago, I filled out an application and heard nothing back from the company.  And now they’re asking again for hosts in this area?  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  What did they do with my application, fold it into a digital paper airplane and digitally throw it across the digital office?

My time is precious.  I hold down several jobs and still try to find time to have a social life.  And yet, I was still more than willing to fill out an application and at least offer consideration to join the company.

No response – only to find out three months later, they’re coming back to look for more hosts in the area.

At least when I try out for The Chance, they send me a postcard o’doom and let me know I’m not worthy.  But this?  Not even a puff of smoke from the Geeks Who Drink tower?

I get it.  I totally do.

And before anybody says to me, “For crying out loud, Chuck, they probably lost your application in the thousands that they receive, stop taking it so personally,” I say to you…

Forget that.  I DO take this personally.  It’s like the old Groucho Marx quote that says, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me for a member.”  Apparently Geeks Who Drink couldn’t be bothered to even send back an e-mail o’doom saying, “We’re not interested in hiring you as a host, have a nice day, come play our game at Lionheart Pub again.”

But they couldn’t even do that.

No, it’s okay.  I can understand.  I get rejected more often than five cents on a prepaid debit card.

I’ll just count this as another rejection, and move on my merry way.  And I’ll just credit this as Geeks Who Drink’s loss.

Story of my life, I guess. 😦


3 thoughts on “Hey “Geeks Who Drink,” thanks for the slap in the face”

  1. Have you ever thought about starting your own trivia gig? While I have never met you in-person, I get the feeling you know many people, know Albany, and are incredibly intelligent. You could market to pubs and such and get a little thing going. If I still lived there I would participate! Just my two cents….


  2. A lot of places just collect applications even if they’re not hiring. They should have acknowledged receipt but it’s possible you’ll get a call out of the blue someday.
    However, it’s more likely that you just don’t qualify because although you ARE a geek you don’t drink.


  3. More likely than not, they have one person compiling all of the inquiries from their games nationwide, that person gets a ton of email, and your application just slipped through the cracks (probably among others). I get a lot of email in my job, and it happens to me all the time – but I always respond quickly when someone follows up. I’d send a quick note to the contact email, saying that you’d applied awhile ago and wondered if you would be hearing back from them at some point. Don’t mention the new posting, just see what they say. I bet you $1 it wasn’t intentional.


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