Caption Time: I got photobombed by a…

I was at the Altamont Fair last Tuesday… and just for the heck of it, I took a selfie photo.

And maybe I should have looked behind me before I took said selfie photo.  Background, Chuck, always check your background.

But I’ll let you, my loyal blog readers, have fun with this one.  Give me your best caption for this photo – keep it both creative and clean.

What kind of caption can you come up with for this little snapshot?



6 thoughts on “Caption Time: I got photobombed by a…”

  1. “I hate bears! Those dirty, smelly, disgusting…….there’s one behind me right now, isn’t there?”


  2. “Mmmmmm….Chuck Roast. It’s what’s for dinner.”

    “Don’t worry, little buddy. Tetrameter has your back.”


  3. …I think a little off the top would be best, although if you want some red highlights, I can do that, too….


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