Remembering Betty George and “Moo”

There was once a time when the Capital District’s on-air television and radio personalities were as big in our area as national personalities.  You know, Commander Ralph Vartigan, David Allan on Pick-A-Show, Ernie Tetreault and Ed Dague and Howard Tupper and Bob McNamara on the local newscasts…

And then there was Betty George.

The first career of Betty George, a Manchester, New Hampshire-born-and-raised singer from the 1940’s, was as a vocalist with Glen Gray and his Casa Loma Orchestra.  She would later perform alongside the legendary Milton Berle, and developed a nice little recording and performing career of her own.

In fact, here’s her one of her performances in the original cast recording for the Broadway show “Ankles Aweigh.”

And then she would settle in Albany, where she picked up a little sidekick – a stray, orphaned dog named Moo.

And from that point on, Betty George and Moo were popular television personalities in the Capital District.  I remember them appearing many times on the old David Allan show on WAST (WNYT 13 today).

And just this morning, while looking for material for today’s blog post…

I found this record.  It’s on Scooter Records, the same label that produced many of David Allan’s recordings, and it’s a song that tells the story of how Betty George found her dog and their happy life together.

There’s so many wonderful stories about Betty George; sadly, now those stories are just memories.  She passed away in 2007; her charm and grace still recalled fondly by many.  Here’s a great article by Metroland writer B.A. Nilsson about Betty George and Liberace, for example.

Now hopefully you have some memories of Betty George and Moo, and that’s why this blog has a comments section.  Let’s hear your stories.  I think it would be a fun topic for today, don’t you?


4 thoughts on “Remembering Betty George and “Moo””

  1. I’ll have to ask my parents. They remember Ken Screven so perhaps they’ll remember Betty George on local television.

    …etc, etc, etc,…


  2. I loved Betty George and Moo! They were a hoot. While I enjoyed John Wolf’s weather reports (not at all influenced by the fact he and his sons were involved in my Boy Scout Troop 2). As a kid who didn’t much like watching the news at all, Betty George pulled me in to watch the whole program just to see her do her bit.

    I always thought it sad when they got rid of “personalities” on the news crews and went with cookie cutter cut-outs with Communications degrees. They are all interchangeable, but Betty George and Moo, and if you go back to the 50’s, Ted “Windy” Knight, were all one of a kind.


  3. I adored Betty George and Moo. At one point she talked about opening a clothing store for plus sizes…I don’t remember if she ever did though. She was an amazing personality.


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