Just outside of Stonersville… no, really…

The Pennsylvania trip yesterday was a lot of fun.  I did get a chance to drive through some beautiful, bucolic, pastoral locations, and on the recommendation of one of my closest friends, I was directed to look for a certain barn.

“This would be a great barn for your photo competitions,” she said to me.  “And someday someone is going to paint over that picture painted on the side of the barn.”

Ooh.  Could it be one of those old Mail Pouch Barn ads?  Or maybe an old ghost sign of some sort?

I had the turn-by-turn coordinates in my hand.  Turn left on this street, right on that street, pull into this parking lot in the little village of St. Lawrence, Pennsylvania –

And hokey smokes, there it is.  A big white barn with a mural of…

Just outside of Stonersville, Pa.
Shot with Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Holy Franklin’s Tower, Batman!

Now my rule when it comes to photographing private property is this – stay on the sidewalk.  Which is what I did.  At least to get this shot.

But on my way out of St. Lawrence, I wondered why someone would paint the Grateful Dead logo on the side of a barn.  Might the original owner be a Deadhead?  Or maybe this is a barn that is owned by one of the Dead’s past or present members?  Maybe they’re growing some –

And then it hit me.

I used my GPS to drive down Route 562 in Exeter Township in the Oley Valley, and wouldn’t you know, the neighboring town to St. Lawrence is named …

I’m not kidding …


Okay, everybody channel their inner sixth graders.  The Grateful Dead mural is on a barn that is just outside of Stonersville.   Ha ha ha… it’s a nicely maintained barn, there’s no weeds in sight… he he he he…

Hey look, this is in South Central Pennsylvania.  You’ve already got towns and villages named Bird-in-Hand, Blue Ball, Mount Joy, Virginville, and of course, Intercourse.  So why not have a town named Stonersville?  It makes perfect sense, don’t it?  It’s not a half-baked idea… ha ha ha ha ha…

Sorry, I just can’t resist.  It’s a nice barn and I can have a lot of fun with this picture in the future.  And I’ve bookmarked the location, so if I want to come back with other film cameras and the like, I can do so.

And on the way back home… for some oddball reason … I had this inordinate desire for a certain type of Ben N’ Jerry’s ice cream.  You know, the one with the bing cherries and chocolate chunks mixed into the ice cream?  Can’t think of the flavor right now… and I really should clean out my car, with all the soda bottles and food wrappers in the front seat, the Blackbird is starting to look like a pigpen…


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  1. Glad you documented this amazing piece of Americana. I wonder how the artist painted it. It’s huge, and it’s way high up. Ha ha ha — high — ha ha ha.


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