Best of our TU Community Blogs, May 14, 2015: Ten for Thursday

As we completely skip over springtime and go straight into the summer, it’s time this week for another set of blog posts from the Times Union’s community blogging team.  Yep, these are the bloggers that consistently put out great posts for you to read, so let’s go through the vaults and see what blog posts deserve your attention this week, shall we?

They include:

  1. Stephanie Snyder in the “A Professor’s Wife” blog, “You’ll always need her.”  (Read this one first.)
  2. Liz Lemery Joy’s “Joy In These Days” blog, “Tom Brady’s slap on the wrist…
  3. Andrew Gregory in the CRUMBS Music Blog, “Tulip Mania Music Project Revives 1950’s Song.
  4. Rob Hoffman’s “Hoffman Files” blog, “I Want My MTV!
  5. Rabbi Matt Cutler’s “Congregation Gates of Heaven” blog, “What did I do?: It took 25 years to answer that.
  6. Dan Lyons’ “Classic Cars” blog, “Rear View Mirror: 1955 Ford Thunderbird.
  7. Mary Martin’s “A Good Enough Life” blog, “Remembering Mom.
  8. David Kalish’s “The Ruminator” blog, “Look! Up in the Sky! It’s Super-Fix-It Guy!!
  9. Christine Benedict, chairwoman of the Albany County Republican Committee, “Selective representation in Albany County government.
  10. Brian Huba’s “Cat’s Pajamas” blog, “Brian on Baking with Bethany.

So everybody have a great day today.  Go out and get some sunshine.  Or if you’re at work, tell your boss I gave you permission to go outside and get some sunshine.  Your boss will understand.  And that pink piece of paper on your desk is just some decoration for your office wall, nothing to worry about… 🙂


10 thoughts on “Best of our TU Community Blogs, May 14, 2015: Ten for Thursday”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Chuck! But really the Albany Public Library and local favorites Accents, Henry’s Rifle and Angela Bove are really deserving.


  2. COUNTDOWN TO 5/21/15!

    10 Reasons Why Mike Huber Should Pull the Zombie Troy Bid Blog

    1. Because Ken Screven says “It has to stop.”

    2. We need the room for Mike Medved’s House of Hoops blog because with March Madness over you know it’s gonna be another year before he posts again.

    3. Rex Smith needs the extra column space so he wax poetically about the time as a young man when he stood in front of Mt. Rushmore and contemplated the greatness of America while ironically forgetting he was standing on land that was stolen from the Sioux after we gave it to them in the Red Cloud treaty of 1868 (thought I forgot about that, huh Rexy?).

    4. If you don’t, Nipper will take a big poop on Menands (oops, too late)

    5. One word: Bengazi

    6. Sorry, I meant Ben Gazzara

    7. Nope, I really did mean Bengazi

    8. If you don’t, we’ll put Joe Cea and Alice Green in a room with just hard copies of Ayn Rand’s collected works and the Anarchist’s Bible and the winner becomes the new society columnist for the Times Union.

    9. Because the Troy BID gives about as much a damn about their blog as they do about their city, unless caring has been redefined as doing absolutely nothing in which case, they’re AWESOME!

    10. Because it tells the public that no one at the Times Union is watching one of their primary online ad revenue generators – so why should businesses buy an ad on a blog farm with dead blogs?


      1. Now THAT’S funny! How could Jango the Weeper possibly have a job when he spends all day complaining like an old wash-woman on every blog?
        That he complains on other blogs while lacking the courage to post his own says a lot about a person and continues to amuse.


        1. D357, if your position is that unless someone reveals their first name on the TU forums their opinion is not valid then I shall remember that every time I read one of your posts.

          You’re never gonna see it, not with that attitude young man.


    1. Jango, we’re waiting. I gave you a good suggestion about getting your own blog on the TU under a pseudonym. It’s too easy to rag on everyone else without putting yourself out there.

      Speaking of ragging on someone…why do you bother reading and commenting on Kristi’s posts over and over again about how much you can’t stand them…but then keep reading and commenting on them?

      As you said to Chad…let’s see you do better.


      1. Kristi is just cross-promoting for FLY and her contributions are usually fairly minimal. If the TU is going to cross-promote for radio, I think we’d all benefit by having a station that contributes more substantively (Uncle Vito, where are you!).

        The Zombie blog list isn’t about blogs I hate, in fact most of them I enjoy and regret they’re not posting. The Zombie list merely points out who hasn’t blogged. Indeed, the bloggers I actually do loathe almost never make the list because they blog regularly.

        I understand the response; however, it is essentially a logical fallacy to assert that someone’s opinion of a blog is not valid unless they also have a blog. If that were true, both you and D357 would need a blog of your own before you could comment on mine…and we could not critique a movie unless we made one ourselves, nor could we criticize a war unless we served in the military, etc..

        I think you are a well-meaning person with a true intellectual curiosity Roz, and in another forum I wouldn’t mind sharing my blog with you, I think your feedback would be thoughtful, but this is not that forum and D357’s highly sophisticated attempts at Socratic rhetoric have thus far been unsuccessful is persuading me otherwise. If Chuck did post my link in his “friends” link no one know it’s connected to me, so there would be no point in Chuck doing so.

        If people think this invalidates anything I have to say, well, it’s a free country and I don’t post for other people’s satisfaction, only my own. Scribo ergo sum!


        1. Jango, I thank you for your kind words. I did post on the Clifton Park blog a few years back. I stopped because I didn’t feel that I was very good at it.

          You could post under your current pseudonym on Chuck’s “friends” link, but of course, you should not do it if you are not comfortable.


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