Best of our TU Community Blogs, May 7, 2015: Ten for Thursday

I’ve got a great batch of blogs from my fellow Times Union community bloggers, and you really should read them, this batch contains some great writing and fantastic observations.

So here’s how this works. I go through all the community blogs for the past seven days. And if there’s an article that catches my attention, if there’s a piece of writing that I want to read again and again… then I save it for Thursday morning.

And on Thursday morning, when you wake up, you can see ten articles by ten great TU community bloggers, and you can enjoy these articles as much as I did.

So what are you waiting for?

Check the following out.  They include:

  1. Roger Green’s “Information Without the Bun” blog, “May the (excessive) force be with you.(Read this one first.)
  2. Sonja Stark’s “PilotGirl” blog, “Twilight Park, the sequel to hiking Kaaterskill High Peak.
  3. Michael Connors’ Albany County Comptroller blog, “… how you play the game.”*
  4. Liz Lemery Joy’s “Joy In These Days” blog, “Dear Senate Republicans, your constituents are calling –
  5. Brian Huba’s “Cat’s Pajamas” blog, “Backyard party games.
  6. Azra Haqqie’s “Muslim Women” blog, “Why provoke, Pamela Geller?
  7. Rob Hoffman’s “Hoffman Files” blog, “Put on some damn pants!
  8. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn’s “There Will Be Bread” blog, “Nature’s resurrection.
  9. Lynn Andrews in the “Books” blog, “Hi my name is Lynn and I’m a book addict.
  10. Sara Rose Wheeler’s “Roaring Twenties” blog, “Blog Challenge: Day 20.” (Oh yeah, here’s Day 19.)

Oh yeah, and don’t forget this weekend – TulipFest and Mother’s Day.  So for all you mothers and tulips out there, happy birthday to both of you! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Best of our TU Community Blogs, May 7, 2015: Ten for Thursday”

  1. Two weeks until 1 year anniversary of the last post of the Troy Business Improvement District.

    Possible reasons why Mike Huber leaves the Troy BID blog up:

    1. If it is removed the Internet will fall apart

    2. He’s been blog blocked!

    3. It is Chuck’s secret totem of good luck for Bar Trivia Contests

    4. Its continued existence after it has long died off is a clever literary metaphor for Troy itself. In a way – it’s actually performance art – Bravo Sir!

    5. It’s a Joe Bruno patronage blog.

    6. Bengazi.

    7. It is against the Troy BID’s religion to show images of itself.

    8. It’s actually the first online blog for the blind.

    9. Mike Huber would tell us, but then he would have to kill us.

    10. In two more weeks, the Fonz will be able to jump it for a world record!


      1. If Mike Huber wants to change his rules and allow those with psuedonyms to have blogs, I’ll be the first one there!


        1. Why not give Chuck a link to your blog under your pseudonym, and let him post it on the right side of the page under “Friends of Mine Whose Blogs You Should Read”?


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