Washington Avenue Armory purchased by Armory Garage (APRIL FOOL’S DAY)

According to this link, a deal has been made to repurpose the Washington Avenue Armory as the building for a new car dealership.  The deal, which will be finalized today, will have Armory Garage open a satellite sales dealership at the century-old former munitions depot and entertainment center.

“We really need a place to show off our line of luxury Chrysler and Dodge and Jeep cars,” said Armory Garage spokesperson Connie Morgan, “and by using this facility, we don’t even have to change its name.”

A century ago, Armory Garage once operated an automotive repair facility in Sheridan Hollow, adjacent to the former National Guard building.  The plan is to renovate and retrofit the Armory with high-end Chrysler luxury cars and Dodge performance vehicles, as well as build a small museum for vintage cars such as the Plymouth Neon, the Dodge Aries and the Chrysler Cordoba.

For more information on the new plans to turn the Armory into a car museum, please visit this link.


2 thoughts on “Washington Avenue Armory purchased by Armory Garage (APRIL FOOL’S DAY)”

  1. Rex, I read with amusement an item on the TU blog about Armory Garage buying the “old Washington Ave. Armory” to turn it into a car Dealership. It claims an announcement will be made today. Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. The person quoted on the blog I’ve never heard of. The idea of buying it never crossed my mind now or ever. It’s a complete fabrication by somebody. Donald S. Metzner, President / CEO ARMORY GARAGE INC. ARMORY AUTOMOTIVE


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