Kokopelis Bar reopens, “Bar Rescue” show tapes episode (APRIL FOOL’S DAY)

According to this link, the troubled bar Kokopelis, which has been shut down since January, will reopen under a new name.  The bar, which has suffered in the past from various outside brawls and fights, will reopen tonight under a brand new name, after going through a thorough renovation and upgrade.

The upgrade was prepared by the Spike TV series Bar Rescue, in which host Jon Taffer and his team visit failing bars and taverns nationwide and, in the process of filing new episodes, films and chronicles the restoration and renovation of these facilities into new properties.

“In all my years of working with these bars,” said Taffer through Spike TV spokesperson Connie Morgan, “this is one of the worst restoration projects I’ve ever encountered.  I almost walked away from the project at least twice.  But I’m sure you will completely enjoy the new bar I’m putting in place here.”

To see the new bar, as well as the reveal of the bar’s new name, visit this link.


3 thoughts on “Kokopelis Bar reopens, “Bar Rescue” show tapes episode (APRIL FOOL’S DAY)”

  1. You had me going, Chuck! It seemed plausible enough! Considering the utter lack of leadership in Troy, I could picture it happening! I never watch Spike TV—not since it was the Nashville Network cum TNN. I’d rather watch 19 Kids and Counting (whatever they’re up to these days) or Duck Dynasty! No idea of what shows Spike TV might have!
    PS Wish someone WOULD rehab the old Central Warehouse & even longer defunct BT Babbit. Be nice if that WASN’T an April Fool joke!


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