Yes, the Cohoes Falls are that cold right now…

This is what happens when I get bored.

In my cabinet of leftover film stock is a roll of Kodak Plus-X 125 black and white film.  I have no idea what its expiration date is.  I don’t even remember where or when I acquired it.

No matter.  I’ve been funneling a lot of leftover 35mm film through my Russian ultrawide Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera of late, so let’s pack the Plus-X into one of the proprietary cartridges and take some pictures with it.

Last Saturday, I went outside to take pictures of the Cohoes Falls.  Can I tell you something?  It was so cold out there… BRRRRRR…

I shot this picture at the overlook; there’s no way to get down to the base of the Falls to get close enough to get a really swank photo… this was the best I could achieve…

Cohoes Falls
Cohoes Falls, January 17, 2015. Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera, Kodak Plus-X film, expiry unknown. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Now what does this mean?  Well, I know I can get pictures like this with the camera, it’s almost automatic by now.

But this is actually working for me as a test shot for when the company that regulates access to the base of the Falls actually lets people get DOWN THERE.

Because when it does get warm enough that I can get to the base of the falls…

Just imagine what a photo from that angle – with the ultrawide Raskolnikov – would look like.

I can’t wait.