I need childhood moments of joy…

I can’t turn on the television without seeing more tragedy in the world.  I can’t listen to the radio without hearing about a senseless murder or a horrifying suicide.

It’s times like this – where I just wish I was six years old and could escape all this misery and pain by watching the simple things in life.

Where I can watch a man who earned his nickname by the kangaroo-sized pockets on his uniform get doused with a collection of ping-pong balls by a moose puppet and a bunny rabbit puppet.

Where I can watch a show that featured minimal spoken words… but captured my imagination with art and puns and a pre-Doctor Who appearance by a future Doctor.

Where I can watch a clown perform tricks and games and show cartoon clips in front of an appreciate audience of youngsters, with nothing more than happiness and entertainment expected and delivered.

Or maybe I could flip over to the public broadcasting channel and get hours of “educational” programming that was, on more than one occasion, quite fun to watch.

These are the moments I need right now. I need these simple moments of happiness, these 30-minute / 15-minute / 7 1/2 minute doses of escape. Those moments where I didn’t mind that a cartoon’s “limited animation” was essentially a person’s mouth superimposed over a cartoon drawing.

And if I wanted some good music, I would find it sung by cartoon characters or costumed psychedelic musicians.

Maybe this is the kind of escape I need right now. And maybe it’s the kind of moments to help when the news lately has been so rough.

The kind where I can imagine what the world should be like. Smiles and wonder and great moments.

I need this now. I hope all of you understand.

And… maybe… you need it too. And that’s okay if you do.


3 thoughts on “I need childhood moments of joy…”

  1. Vision On has some very groovy music!

    I have to admit, I do enjoy watching the programs from our youth. Having finished up my Land of the Lost Binge I’m now on Jonny Quest!

    …and boy do I miss Joy from the Bugaloos!

    I think a lot of people had dysfunctional childhoods, and taking a moment to view some old show is not just a simple distraction, for a moment I’m not a middle-aged man with a mortgage and bills and worries, I’m a little kid sitting on my living room floor in pajamas on Saturday morning eating cereal and my only concerns are what time I’m going to hook up with my friends and what we’re going to play all day.

    I now understand all those stories my dad used to tell me about listening to the Lone Ranger, Superman, the Shadow, and Little Orphan Annie on the radio when he was kid – but he never got to listen to those old shows again, they were all just memories. I’m sorry he never had the chance to experience them as an adult the way I can now.


  2. RB Bugg!
    When I was a kid, my neighbors and I had a club. When the club would meet, we would chant ‘palabra jot, palabra jot, the club is now in session’. We were massive dorks.


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