Robot leers at exercising woman… and they’re selling…

One of the main rules of television commercial advertising is to make your commercial memorable… and to make sure your viewers know what you are selling.

Well, a company named Wink definitely achieved the former…

With one of the most suggestive commercials I’ve ever seen on network television.

The commercial starts with a woman practicing yoga, while her personal robot is dusting some table plants.  She asks the robot to adjust the temperature in the house, but the robot seems distracted.  Eventually, the woman gives up on expecting the robot to do her bidding, and instead adjusts the thermostat herself.  Simple commercial, right?

That is… until you actually see it.  And you realize that the commercial is so full of sexual innuendo, that you would think the robot’s name was Steely Dan.  And I mean the William Burroughs version, not the Donald Fagen and Walter Becker version.

Don’t believe me?  Watch this.


Okay, a few things.  Is this a television commercial or is it the intro to some weird 1980’s sci-fi adult movie?  Was that cactus tilted slightly at the beginning of the commercial, but standing straight and saluting midway through?

And, for that matter… what are they selling?

Apparently there’s a whole series of commercials for this product, in which the robot butler is developing some way-creepy-stalky feelings towards his owners. These other commercials for Wink products certainly ramp up the perf-2-D2 factor…

So what do you think?  Suave marketing tool or totally creepy and inappropriate?

Oh yeah… and what in the name of Rossum’s Universal Robots are they selling?


5 thoughts on “Robot leers at exercising woman… and they’re selling…”

  1. Way too much.

    I’m sick of the “stupid woman” commercials on TV, also. There are some “stupid men” commercials.

    An advertiser believing such material would encourage me to purchase their product is WRONG. I would actually AVOID purchasing their product if the commercial is offensive.


  2. I loved it – I thought the first commercial was hilarious because that is exactly what guys do.

    There is more marketing of these home control apps lately and I think this is a better commercial sequence than the one with the guy on vacation. These commercials make the point clearly (this is what our product does) and does it in a humorous fashion.

    If I had need for such a product, I would consider looking into the brand.


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