Week 4 of the Trivia Unification Tournament

Before I provide you with this week’s recap, I need to tell a story.

It’s a story about being overconfident in a topic.

Many years ago, on a Valentine’s Day trivia night, I was in the lead and looking to run the table in my trivia game.  I realized that trivia would fall on a Valentine’s Day that night, so I tried to bone up on all sorts of Valentine’s Day trivia.  You know – stuff like “In what century was Valentine made a saint,” or “How many candies are in a standard Whitman sampler box,” stuff like that.

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The Trout Potatoes Art Project – Part 1

While on my Washington State vacation last October, I stopped at a local antiques store.  I figured I’d kill some time at the antiques store, look at the furniture and the bric-a-brac …

And look what I found.

$25 later, this little treasure was in my suitcase for the long trip back to New York.

And the first person who says to me, “Chuck, it’s just a burlap sack, it’s not like you found gold or anything,” to them I say, “Well … maybe I did.”

Artistic gold, mind you.

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A teardrop of snow ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄

It’s Monday morning, and I’m still trying to get a few extra seconds of snooze.

I roll over, grab my cell phone and eyeball my Facebook feed.  Woah.  Lots of people talking about first snowfalls in the Capital District.  A coating here, a dusting there…

I wonder if we received snow in the Town and Village.

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How to circumvent the Times Union’s website paywall

Even though I don’t blog for the Times Union any more, I still have a tendency to read articles on the TU’s website, as well as read blogs by several of my community blogging friends.

That being said, the Times Union has currently implemented a free article limit on their site.  You can only read X number of free articles per month, and if you surpass that amount, the website will block your access to the rest of the article, instead encouraging you to subscribe to the paper.

Now I could get into an argument of “well, it’s already out there for you to read, you should subscribe to it,” or, “You should sign up for a subscription and your money goes toward struggling reporters who haven’t had a raise in ten years, support the Albany Newspaper Guild,” all of that.

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Less Justice League, more Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, please…

Yesterday, I watched a matinee showing of the film Justice League, where a collection of DC superheroes band together to stop an alien conqueror from taking over the Earth.  The best thing I can say about it was … well, it was kinda okay.

But that being said … there were moments in the film where it dragged like a sloth through mud.  Tons of exposition.  Battles with that Zack Snyder slow-motion-pan-and-rotate-until-you-get-dizzy setup.  Ben Affleck making his own case for the most sullen Batman ever.  Ezra Miller making his case for being the doofiest Flash currently in media today.

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7 and 7 on Saturday, November 18, 2017

So what’s going on around the blog world?  What blogs from my Capital District friends are worth your time?

Well, that’s why you visit my Saturday blog recap, to get an idea about worthwhile blogs – first even from the community bloggers at the Albany Times Union, and then seven from my blogroll of writers and photographers.

And let’s start with…

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K-Chuck Radio: The Monster Soulful Groove

Sometimes, there’s a song out there that captures your consciousness.  It makes you smile, it surges your emotions, it takes you to a place you weren’t expecting to visit.

So on today’s K-Chuck Radio, I felt like bringing some powerful music to you.  Soaring vocals, emotive lyrics, spectacular harmonies.

And let’s start with…

Step Into My World

This early 70’s New York City groove just smoulders with gospel and soul.  From its opening pre-note organ riff to the sweet harmonies, this track just takes us all to church.

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