Nuptuals: Jeremy McNamara and Katie Kurtessis

You must always enjoy the moments.  Those moments when you discover that the really nice person who’s been your friend for a while … slowly becomes more than just a friend.  They become solid buds.  Confidants.  Compatriots.  And … if the stars align properly and God smiles down… you become more than two people on a team.

You become a unified team of two.

Such was the case yesterday as two of my best buds – Jeremy and Katie – entered into wedded bliss.

Of course, the day was full of surprises and fun.

And it all started with a 5K run.

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7 and 7 on Saturday, September 23, 2017

By the time you read this edition of my weekly blog recap, I will be participating in a rare event.

I’m going to a wedding.

No, it’s not my wedding.  Not that I know of…

No, my good buds Jeremy McNamara and Katie Kurtessis are tying the knot today.  So let’s wish them all the best and a thousand happiness moments, shall we?

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The L-Ken’s: Saturday Night Clam Fry Project

If I can get this done in time … I can enter it in competition.

But I have to finish it.  No distractions, no delays, no postponements, no extensions, no procrastinations.

And I have to build on the techniques I learned from every photograph I’ve ever taken, every Dream Window I’ve ever built, every Crate Art Project I’ve ever reconstructed … to build this project, and to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing.

No excuses.

Make it happen or don’t even bother, Miller.

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The Tony Clement Center for Education

I remember Principal Tony Clement as the final administrator of Harriet Gibbons High School, back when the Albany City School District converted the beloved high school into a 9th grade preparatory academy.  He worked with the students and the faculty and the administration, he cared about them as if they were his family.

That’s part of who he was and why he was so valuable to the Albany City School District.

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K-Chuck Radio: Motown like you’ve never heard it before

Guys and gals, today I’m bringing you some of the rarest, most unique tracks out there from the Motown Records vaults.  Some of them are early recordings from your favorite artists and groups, some of them are radically altered versions, and some – well, I’ll just let you hear them.

As much as Motown was a super-powered record company for nearly 50 years, there were tracks that often fell through the cracks – they didn’t sell, or the artists moved on to bigger and better things.

Like, for example, how would you like to hear the Supremes in their earliest iteration as a doo-wop girl group?  Yeah?  With a Smokey Robinson track, no less?  here they are, with the song “Who’s Loving You” – which probably would have been a better fit for the Marvelettes, but we’ll talk about that later.

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So I found out about the Troy Members’ Show…

Last Sunday, I posted my four entries for the Members’ Show for the Photo Center of the Capital District, my camera club of choice.

Last night, I received news from the organizers…

These two artworks made the cut, and will be part of the gallery show for the event.

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